Getting married in Mexico moon palace?


Just booked our wedding for October 2013' at moon palace Mexico. Any other brides to be booked this hotel? image


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    I haven't booked our wedding there, but I went to the hotel a few years back on my first trip to Mexico and loved it! image It's luxurious without feeling intimidating and the vibe is laid-back - hammocks, cocktails, sugar-white sand... The only drawback is it's a 20 min drive just to get up the driveway to get in and out of the hotel, but that's not really a minus point really!image Good range of restaurants so you should be well catered for food-wise.

    The beach is AMAZING! Some people (usually Americans) go on about seaweed on the beach, but I didn't find it to be an issue - it's a beach, you're gonna find seaweed on it! They did have a machine that magically sucked it up at sunrise so that the beach was pristine in the morning for people.

    Check out the patio restaurant for breakfast - fresh eggs how you like them to order and a range of yummy fresh fruit, juices and toast.

    I could go on about the hotel forever, but then I'd be hi-jacking your post! If you want any more info, PM me and I'll answer any Qs. You will absolutely love it - it was my holiday of a lifetime!

    Have an amazing time!

    Boo xx
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    Thank you for your reply, image we are so excited!!

    The seaweed on the beach wasn't really a concern even though there is hundreds of reviews moaning about it, we've seen lots of photos with people in the sea And like you said its mainly Americans !!

    Will definitely check out those restaurants, we are there for 2 weeks so hoping to get to use most of the restaurants

    Did you get the resort credits when you went, if you did what did you use them on??

    Did you see many weddings taking place while you were out there?? image

    Thanks image
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    Sorry for delay in reply, this site's not great for checking posts for updates! Didn't have a credits system when I went. I did see a few weddings when I was there, but the place where the ceremonies take place is away from the main pool/sunbathing area, so you'll have a calm and private area that doesn't feel interrupted or intruded upon.

    If you're considering going on any trips whilst there, I'd really recommend Tulum - absolutely amazing beach and scenery there - some of my favourite holiday photos.
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