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Hello I'm getting married 13th October and have my hair trial on 3rd August I'm trying to decide wether I wanted my hair up in a bun or down. My bms are havig half up half down so didn't really want this but I'm so confused! Was wondering I anyone could share their pictures with me please as the ones on google aren't the best,

Thanks in advance image x


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    I would say decide after the hair trial- that's what it's for. You should be able to try out lots of different styles in order to help you choose the one you like best. A good hairdresser will interpret styles and adapt to suit your hair/ face shape anyway, not just recreate a look that you've seen on someone else. They will also help you decide what's best depending on whether you're wearing a veil and what hair accessories you've chosen. She should have a portfolio of other brides she's worked with too, so you could ask for it to be available at the trial so you can point out your general likes/ dislikes.

    My bridesmaids will all wear their hair differently on the day, and it wouldn't bother me too much if one of them went for a style similar to mine. But I would say that if it does bother you and after the trial you decide a half-up half-down look is your fave then ask your BMs to have a different style eg a side-bun.image
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    Go with what suits you, wedding etique says that if your hair is part up part down bridesmaids should go up, or if your hair is in an updo they should you part up part down, have trial see what suits you, the bm's can have what compliments you
  • Thank you I've really been panicking, the bms have halter neck dresses so really wanted half up of all up so te dress is on show were as mine is strapless so can have either, I like the idea of all down but I'm worried by the night my hair might drop? image
  • Mrs M 2012Mrs M 2012 Posts: 408
    Are you going to your usual salon? As my usual hairdresser advised me of what to do. In the end its their job and they would be able to help you with picking out a style which suits your face and you could show them a picture of your dress?
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    I like the idea of all down but I'm worried by the night my hair might drop?

    It depends on how long your hair is; if it's very long then the weight will cause the curls to drop eventually, no matter how much hairspray etc the stylist uses! If you just want a little bit of body and a subtle wave then it might be alright.........I'd just go to a salon for a good blowdry in the afternoon before a night out and see how it holds- that way you'll know for sure x
  • My hair is quite long past my chest, my hairdresser is also my friend so will be coming to me I normally use her for special occasions and she curls my hair before putting in rollers held together by Kirby grips the night before and then comes to take it out the night after but I have never had it so it is taken out in the morning so for my trial we will do that then I may see how that goes for day and night then the week after have another hair trial for hair up? That way I get to see how each style holds and how long for?
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