Bridal Hairdresser - North West, Shropshire, North Wales,Cheshire

Hello...I am due to get married in December and I'm really struggling to find someone to do my hair and makeup. Quite alot of the people usually recommended for that area won't travel so close to Christmas. I have managed to find someone for makeup and she's really reasonable but that leaves a hairdresser. I feel a bit bad asking someone who does hair and make-up to do just hair and use someone else for makeup. I just wondered if anyone could recommend anyone who does hair in that area. I am getting married in Whitchurch. Thankyou xx


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058
    I live in Shropshire and I've been having a nightmare too- we're getting married on a bank holiday Monday which has definitely affected the availability of hair stylists & makeup artists. I've actually found a hair stylist now but I'm struggling to find a makeup artist still! For hair, I've booked Natalie Bartram- she's amazing but isn't cheap and I'm having to pay quite a bit in travel expenses as she's based in Lichfield.

    Have you looked at Shelly, of Duo hair & makeup? She's based in Shrewsbury and I've heard really good things about her.
  • Retrac1981Retrac1981 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your message - I had a quote from Natalie Bartram but it was a bit beyond my budget. I don't know whether this is any use but try for your make-up. My friend used her and her rates are really reasonable because she's trying to get more work in the bridal area. I think it's about £35 for make-up x
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