Hair extensions - which ones?!

I've been trying to grow out my hair, but I've always had really thin hair and its obvious I'm going to need extensions image I have no idea which ones to get. I've been told a clip on ponytail is a good idea for updos as there is no risk of the clip in bits showing, but I think I'll need something for the top of my head too as I would like a bit of volume there. Any ideas, anybody?


  • backcombing will give you the volume on the crown.....ask your hairdresser for her advice....x
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    I am also thinking about having extensions for length more than anything else, if I decide that I need them then these are the one's I will be going for:

    They're human hair so you can do exactly the same to them as you would your own hair.
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    Thanks manfaw - that looks like an exact colour match for me too xx
  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756
    If you email them a picture they'll advise you what colour to go for image
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    There are lots of shops that sell extensions - there is a pharmacy near to me that has an upstairs level dedicated to exts. I got my first set there a few years ago then went back and bought one large weft of hair and made my own by sewing the clips on- cost me £35 for a whole set and had loads of hair left over. The staff helped me colour match too.

    As for adding height, you can either backcomb or you can buy hairbands that go under the hair to add height - ask your hairdresser image
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    Pukka hair 18" clip in extensions full head and they match to your hair colour,£29.85 bargain, any good bridal stylist can clip them in without them showing, my friend had some in on her wedding day last year and we never knew, the stylist is midlands based if you want her name
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    I have Foxylocks extensions and I love them! They matched my hair exactly and I am wearing them for my wedding.

    There are 3 different weights, and i went for the heavier ones as my hair is quite thick and long already + I bought the volumiser, which is an extra clip in - this cost me £118. It is absolutely well worth it!!!!

    I wore them in my boudoir shoot, and also had my hair trial - both hairdressers said they were fantastic and the best they have seen, and a girl from the shop my dress is from is now going to buy them as they think they are that great! Honestly I get complimented and people talking to me about them when ever I have them in!

    The girl who sells them, also has loads of videos on caring for them and how to do different styles.
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    I love foxylocks too image totally worth it! I've had mine over a year and they're still like new image xxx
  • Well personally I always wear extensions as I have short hair which I hate! I would say first of all make sure they're 100% human hair, they're better quality and can actually do things with like curl etc. I would also say clip in if you only plan on wearing them on the wedding day and not all the time and if the hairdressers so good you wouldn't see the clips, I do my hair all the time and never see the clips and I'm rubbish at hair!

    If you plan on wearing them more long term get extensions sewn in by your hairdresser image
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    I would DEFINITELY suggest something from from my own great experience. Have never looked back.

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