Hair woes

So, I am useless with hair. Have been all my life. I have ridiculously fine baby like hair, which I am under strict instructions to grow (it is usually a short choppy style and is now just over my shoulders).

The problem is I still have no idea what to do with it for the wedding (now 6 and a bit weeks away), and although I desperately want to get a longish fringe or something to give it a bit of shape, I am worried that I am not going to be able to do anything with it on the day if I get it cut.

So - two questions. Firstly what can I do with my hair?! I am wearing Mon Cheri's Cordelia, so would like something that suits the dress, but also would work with uber straight, uber fine hair!

And secondly - should I get a little something shapey cut in, or will this make it really hard for me to do my hair?

Many thanks!


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    This may help you! - Obviously the dress is now well on its way to actually being my length!!

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    I think a longish side fringe would look lovely - do you want it putting up? If you have very fine hair have you considered a hair piece to give it some volume - you can get some very very realistic looking ones that look amazing, I have very fine hair too and I'm thinking of getting one :image

    What kind of styles do you like? Formal/casual/curls/sophisticated?


    p.s. who has given you 'strict instructions' to grow it? If you genuinely feel better with a short choppy style maybe you should just get it cut how YOU like it  - you want to feel you at your best, not some image that someone else has of what a 'bride' should look like image

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    What about something like this? You could get the hairdresser to add a bumpit on top?

     Or this would work with your hair - you could add a hair piece in for the bun at the side if you wanted more volume



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    I was going to suggest a low side bun - but if you really are more comfortable on having your hair short then thats really what you should go for!

    I have to say I have been growning my own hair for the wedding, and I am still not happy so I am going to have extensions for the day, but after the wedding its all being chopped off again to how I like it!

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    Thanks Ladies. I think the fringe would really help to give it a bit of a sense of style, as currently it just hangs! I have bought a 'loose' bun esque hairpiece and have been playing around with that, in a low bun, and do like the idea of not having it too formal like the 2nd image here. I am just thinking if it is not pinned and sprayed to high heaven, then it may not stay in!

    I would love to have loose curls, but I just know they wouldn't stay in all day (getting married at 11am so they would need about 12 hours of staying!!).

    I might have a look for a bumpit. But think I will go and get the fringe cut in. I do need to have some sort of style I can live with for the next 6 weeks despite all this growing!! I do have hair extensions too - but not sure they won't drive me doolally - i never seem to be able to keep them in for longer than an hour or so!


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    Do it, I think a side long fringe looks lovely image

    Have you had a hair trial yet? Maybe it would be worth when you get the fringe cut in, take some pics of what you like & book in a trial - you'll feel better about it then and 6 weeks is about right I think

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    I haven't yet. I can only get to see the person that is doing my hair (family friend who lives other end of the country!) 2 weeks before the wedding, so having to wait until then. In the mean time I am playing around myself to see if I can work out what I want, and then hopefully she can do it a little better!!

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    I would HIGHLY recommend hair extensions from - after my positive experience I would pass them on to anyone!!

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    You could still have your hair done by another hairdresser, and see what you like - have you had your hen party yet? You could have it done for that

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    I would defo go to a hair dresser to play about a bit im in the same situation apart from the fact i have two lovely bald patches on both sides of my head yay! Im also considering exstentions (if i can afford) x

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    Hi, I have the same type of hair. I'm trying to grow mine for next august as its just above my shoulders at the moment. I'm hopefully going to have a low chignon, similar to the second pic thats been posted but smoother, but if I don't have enough hair to make it look full enough then going to get a hair piece. 

    I think you would really suit that style too, especially with your dress (which is beautiful image)  and its so timeless and sophisticated.

    Like the other ladies say, I would go to a hairdresser and try styles before getting it cut as you may regret a change of style so close to your big day. Good luck xx

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    Thank you ladies.

    I actually had a little fringe cut in yesterday, and it does feel so much better! It just frames my face so much more, and I had a little play last night, and think I could probably manage the loose bun type thing of the second picture. And H2B is loving the new fringe - which can only be a good thing!

    WestI2B you would be amazed at how much longer it will probably be by next August! Mine was a short choppy style, when I last had it cut properly (around October last year I think) and now look at it!! I think the thing with our type of hair is really just the fine-ness! Would love to find a shampoo that gives me a little more 'oompfh' image

    Thanks for all your help all. I do feel much better about it all! xx


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