This has probably been asked a few times on her but I cant find any posts on it.

My problem is blushing, I blush at anything, when Im happy, sad, embarrased, upset... you get the picture! What bothers me most is that I go blotchy too. Any idea on make-up or anything that will help? Don't want to be red and blotchy on my wedding photos! image

Any advice will help, thanks! x


  • missymoo21missymoo21 Posts: 185

    Try No. 7 Colour Calming Primer as a base under your make-up. It's green tinted and counter-acts any redness.

  • Thanks. I'll take a look x

  • kayj74kayj74 Posts: 90

    If you are getting your make-up done professionally on the day then find someone who does air brush foundation.  It is amazing and covers everything including blushes!

  • Thank u image x
  • fairykittyukfairykittyuk Posts: 777
    Smash box do an excellent colour correcting primer with a green tint. If you go for a slightly heavier coverage foundation that will help. I don't mean a mask, just nothing too light. Bobbi Brown's stick foundations are good.

  • Brilliant thanks ill take a look image xx
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