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Hi B2B's looking for some advice about skin products for problem skin. I'm prone to break outs always in the same places (Right hand side of face, chin and forehead) want to get on top of it now. Tried loads of products over the years and looking for something new.

My skin can be quite oily so looking for products that won't add to this.I try to drink as much water as i can and i eat a lot of veg/fruit. Doesn't seem to make a difference if i'm honest.

What have you used that helped?? Are there any old remedies that you swear by??


  • I would have a look at the website - it's full of really useful information on problem skin

    Juliet x
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    ive got dreadful acne always have had and the only thing thats helped is facials and liz earle system

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    If you don't mind spending some money try herzog oxygen therapy, Kate Middleton uses them & they havd special products for problem skin! image
  • Thanks ladies going to enquire about prices online and maybe try some out. It's my birthday soon so might hint to the other half that a facial would be nice image

  • i use the clinique three step system, the anti-blemish range.  You can get a trial kit which lasts about a month for £30 and you get your money back if it doesnt work.  I still get the odd spot but its really cleared my forehead and cheeks.  It's not cheap but I've noticed my skin is also a lot less greasy throughout the day too.

    I also noticed that make up makes me breakout.  I had a really nice tinted moisturiser from laura mercier but after a days continuous wear i completely broke out.  So if you wear make up all the time, maybe go a few days without it and see if you notice a difference.  I know its hard, but i just got trapped in an endless cycle - i had some spots, so i tried to cover them up with make up, which made me break out, so i tried to cover them up......  i now wear a hardly any make up, just a bit of concealer when i get the odd spot and i have found bareminerals doesn't make me break out.

    good luck image

  • I would reccommend going to skin clinic that has babor skin care. I have had really huge problem skin and since I went to a skin clinic and have had three months of vitamin facials, had tablets and avitcid cream as a night cream, as well as babor cleanser and moisturiser I have had clean skin without any blemsihes whatsowever. 

  • Oh, and about the makeup I use babor foundation and it is the best! Babor is a natural brand, and is really not expensive at all (foundation is 23 euros) and works wonders. I dont have to use much foundation at all and I can cover a lot of red blotches when I had themimage

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    I have trouble with my chin and I have tried loads of different products...last time I had a facial my beauty therapist suggested pure tea tree it for less than a pound from savers and it definitely helping x

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    Load of fab treatments out there but I wouldnt use anything else but tropic since a friend of mine became an ambassador for them and let me try before you buy.    I've not got the ABC system, scrubs for both hair and face, the elixir oil, and the masks. I give myself a full facial two or three times a week and use the ABC everyday. It's quite pricey but a tiny tiny amount goes a  long way.   Even my H2B has a facial when I do!     
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    Oh! Just realised this is an uber old thread! Doh!

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    I did the same thing...someone else must have stumbled on it and it ended up in latest posts! Lol

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    Lol that'll be me not paying attention.... Again!

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