hair disaster - any hairdressers who can help? hot roots/bad dye job

i had been dyeing my hair black with the basic boots semi permanent dye for years. i finally got sick of black hair this summer and asked my hair dresser how to get rid of it with the ultimate goal of getting either nice chocolate brown or mahogany/burgundy hair just for a bit of colour. i really dont want to get it stripped and she said she wouldnt do that anyway as it is so damaging. im getting married next year&want the black to grow out by then. over 3 visits (??40 each time) she put highlights in my hair, and put a very light brown in over them. my hair ended up half mousey brown and half black at the bottom (horrible) i didn't like it and decided to go back yesterday. i told her i thought it was light enough and asked for a burgundy/mahogany colour. i dont really care that there is still some black at the bottom, it's faded quite a bit and i thought it would easily blend in with a chocolate or burgundy. i also asked for a haircut. they were busy and the hairdresser completely ignored me. i ended up with more highlights with a really ugly copper streaks through my mousey brown/black hair. she cut about 0.5cm off my hair when i asked for at least an inch off. i left quickly and ran to boots to buy a dye to fix it myself. i bought loreal casting creme mahogany and put it in, my hair is now half bright red and half black :/ im too scared to go back to the hairdresser, i just want to dye it/fix it myself. i was thinking about going back to boots and getting loreal casting creme chocolate or plum (ideally i would love either glossy brown chocolate hair or a burgundy/plum colour) but am scared im going to make my hair almost black again or have very noticeable hot roots, if i use plum will i have half purple/half black hair?! or do i go and buy a brown nice and easy to tone down the red hot roots then put the casting creme on. what do i do? im so miserable that ive spent so much money to have my hair destroyed :.(


  • Use Colour B4 extra strength - buy from Boots. This will remove colour from your hair without bleaching it. Follow the instructions carefully and allow the full amount of time for each stage of the colour removal process. This will make your hair more porous to the next dye you apply so choose a dye one shade lighter than the colour you would like to achieve and, to tone down the redness which will be left in your hair, choose an ASH tone - Clairol Nice and Easy do a range of light ash to medium ash brown dyes but you can use any brand really, up to you. 

    I had a similar thing happen to me but it CAN be fixed image

  • brilliant advice! thanks so much, i'll try this tomorrow image xo
  • Let us know how you get on! X

  • i definitely will, very excited at the prospect of finally getting rid of this black dye! on the boots website trying to pick a dye to use after the colour b4 and the nice n easy, worried a chocolate will turn out too dark and that a mahogany/burgundy will turn out bright red! might play it safe and go for something in between, maybe a plum or a berry red! xo
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    I'm a hairdresser and as the rule goes tint doesn't lighten tint so therefore once u put a dark colour on ur hair the only way to lighten it is with a bleach or colour stripper which is basically the same thing. Hi lights were probably the better option as they lighten hair gradually so although they are damaging, its only in pieces so u can look after condition and the more you have it done, the more u will become lighter. It's such a long process and I've been back and forth loads of times from dark to blonde. Or the other option is to strip it, it will be bright orange so you will have to colour over it. I don't think the colour before will be strong enough. It will damage the hair but there's so many things on the market to help with your condition. Don't go for a red colour as the colour stripper will lighten the hair to red orange so that undercoat may shine through the brown. X
  • I'd use an ash tone as you already have a lot of red in your hair!!!

    If its not red enough you can always dye it a reddish colour next month chick!

  • I've had one striped twice in three years as well!!! And now I have it bleach highlights and my hair is in really good condition I think it just depends on whether you use a lot of heat to style your hair and things. I love kerastase when I was doing hair dressing I used those products makes your hair so healthy!!! Xxx
  • thanks for your replies everybody!  Oh I'm really unsure of what colour to put in it now image

    If i use the Colour B4 extra strength I'm assuming that's going to turn my hair an orangey/yellow colour the way bleaches and strippers do, especially around the top of my hair where there are the red roots (they're not fire engine red by the way, a darkish red that's more noticeable in natural light).  I've read loads of reviews of Colour B4 and people are saying it is really effective and has been able to strip their hair of permanent black dye!  I thought once I had used this I would put a nice and easy dark ash blonde semi permanent dye in to even the colour out, tone done the red/any orange and give me a base for a new colour, then I would put the casting creme semi perm mahogany in over it again??? the other colours I had in mind were plum and chocolate but I'm worried they'll make my hair too dark again. thanks again for your replies! 

  • I agree with jadedlou, I'm also a hairdresser and see people all the time that have been colouring their hair black for years, did your hairdresser do a strand test first? I'd never start putting highlights in someone's hair from black if I didn't know it was going to work! Everyone's hair is different some people's lifts really well others not so great. So do you now have red roots and black ends?? You might be better going to another salon asking to have the mid lengths and bottom stripped just by a few shades as you don't want to go blonde or anything then have another colour all over to even it all out, if you want a good inch off your hair anyway then that will get rid of some of the colour, then you can concentrate on the condition!
  • Hi Clairebear, no she didn't do a strand test and kept insisting I go a very light brown even though I told her I wanted to stay quite dark (ideally I'd love to be chocolate brown for my wedding, but wouldnt mind experimenting with purple/red tints in the mean time just for something a bit different after years of black) I  just didn't want to be as dark as black!  This was the fourth set of highlights she had put in.  When she had finished on Saturday I was left with half mousey brown hair (my natural hair colour is a medium brown) and half dark hair at the bottom, she put a coppery red in over the highlights so I had ugly streaks image When I got home I put a semi perm loreal casting creme gloss over the top to cover up the mousey brown and the streaks and now I have a nice mahogany colour but black/dark brown ends! My roots are about 3-4 inches long as the black has grown out and faded a good bit, so the mahogany I put in over is noticeable to about my ears, the bottom 3-4 inches of my hair is black/dark brown.  There are a few bits where she seems to have highlighted really thick strands of hair(about an inch wide?!) and the mahogany is showing up very red.  My fiance has told me it is only very noticeable in natural day light and under strong lights but I know that it's light at the top and dark at the botom and just want it fixed so it's all the same colour!  At the minute it looks like it's dark red fading into dark brown.  To be honest I wish I had never went to the hairdresser on Saturday, I spent the last bit of my pay getting this done and she didn't even cut it image    

  • the mahogany has turned out quite nice around the highlights(i.e where my natural hair colour has come in), it is only really bright where she had put in the highlights, especially the thick ones so that's why I'm wondering if I used the Colour b4 to remove all the black/mahogany, put in the ash blonde to tone down any orange/red and provide a base then started over with the mahogany would it turn out ok?  Like I said I wouldn't mind red/purple tints now as long as I'm staying quite dark and then it's only a matter of putting in a chocolate when I fancy it.xo

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    If I were you I'd go to another salon- the fact you're attempting to do this yourself scares me!  You need to go to a Toni & Guy or an independent L’Oréal specialist colour salon- they'll know what they're doing and be able to tell you what is achievable now, and what you can work towards in the next couple of months x

  • I've dyed my own hair for years and have been every colour from bright red to purple to black, it was only when I went to the hairdresser to get it coloured that things started to go wrong! image I think I'll try it myself and see how I get on.  If it's a complete disaster I'll just put a dark brown in.

  • I'd go for brown rather than plum/red tones again as you will have brassy undertones already and may be harder to achieve chocolate brown on top of the mahogany. You could always use a semi permanent mahogany colour over the brown but it's harder to do it the other way round. Does that make sense? lol

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    If I were you I'd go to a hairdresser and have a good cut, and then worry about the colour. It'll give you a good canvas to start on and then you can use the colour stripper and put in a colour. Like two other girls have mentioned I would recommend an ash tone xx

  • hi miaowmiaow, yes that makes sense!  I'll put the chocolate brown in and then I suppose once it starts to fade I can put red/plum tints in if I want.  I'm planning to get to the hairdresser ASAP Rosiebounds, def need a good cut, I'm not exaggerating when I say the hairdresser cut off only 0.5cm!!  thanks again for the advice everyone xo 

  • Hi everybody - just to update you on what happened image I put the Colour B4 in my hair and it worked!  It turned the black bits a light - medium brown and the red bits a light brown!  I put a Nice n Easy light ash brown over it (just for about 10 mins on the roots and 5 on the ends) and it came out a lovely medium brown colour, most importantly it came out the same colour at the roots and the ends!  I'm very pleased!  thanks so much for all the advice, especially miaowmiaow - you saved me a very expensive trip to a hairdresser and i'm very grateful! image xoxox

  • Heyy that's excellent news! You'e very welcome image X

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    can anyone tell me what colour i`d get if i mix 15ml 8/0 koleston perfect with 30 ml 99/0 koleston perfect on grey/white hair.thanx

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