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I am getting married in the Caribbean in June and I would like some advice on make-up. I will be doing my own make-up, there are so many primers, foundations, general products that claim to be the best out there, I just don’t know where to start!

Can anyone recommend any make-up suitable for the beach which will be long lasting and won’t end up running down my face! I would love to get that flawless skin look for the photos. Happy to mix and match with different brands. It would be great to have advice which has been tried and tested!


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    Hi Rachy

    Mac Prep + Prime is a really good primer. It's a silky layer on your skin which you apply just before your foundation. It's really good!

    Smashbox have a wide range of primers too which are good. You can get them from Boots.

    Mac and Bobby Brown foundations i've found are good. Make sure the foundation has SPF in it for the beach!

    Get Mac Blot Powder Pressed to touch up your make up throughout the day, it will get rid of the shine. The compact has a mirror which will be handy to keep in your purse!

    A bit of SPF lip balm and lip tint will look really nice but natural at the same time. You can add a matt lipstick on top.

    Wish you all the best! image


  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Hi Mand,

    Thank you so much for the advice! I will give both brands a try, Maybe do a make over with both! See which brand suits my skin better.

    Many Thanks



  • Hi Rach,

    Make sure you apply a good sun screen first - look for a mattifying one like neutrogena or Philip Roth. Then you won't need added sunscreen in your foundation. I would go for a tinted moisturiser or very light foundation like Chanel's vitalimiere. On a cheaper scale I love l'oreal's bb cream and it is mattifying so no powder required. During the day use blotting sheets to combat shine. Laura Mercier's secret camouflage concealer is great for the heat as it is quite dry so won't slide.

    Look for long lasting cream eyeshadows - bobbi brown do great ones - and waterproof eyeliner and mascara - I love Maxfactor Masterpiece mascara.

    Daniel sander does a great watercolour blush which won't slide. Go for a waxy textured lipstick - Estee Lauder doublewear lipstick for example - and avoid too much gloss as it will melt in the heat.

    Finish with Makeup Forever''s fixing spray to make your makeup last.

    Hope that helps and have a lovely wedding! image
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    Thanks Fairykitty! That is really helpful..


    Just worried that the make-up will end up melting on my face! The blotting sheets sound like a must... I will look that the MAC ones...

    I have used the maxfactor masterpiece before so i know that works well on my lashes. And the concealer sounds good too... I would love flawless skin for the photos!


    In terms of the colour on my cheeks, I have blue eyes and blonde hair and I was thinking of having a nice bronzer on my cheeks. I don’t want the 'bruised face' look, I have used benefit hula before, but I dont think that will work in the heat! Any recommendations for that?


    Thanks so far!


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    I am in a similar situation. I am booked in for my makeup doing th however if I dont like it I want to know I am able to do my own. I was thinking of having bare minerals? Had a tester done in debenhams and quite liked it but whether it will stay or not I dont know?

    I got some kleenex blotting sheets the other day on offer in sainsburys for ??1 but I dont know what theyre like either? I will also be trying the fixing spray.

    Thanks for the thread...

    Fairy kitty where would I find the fixing spray?

    Thanks gem xx
  • You can get the fixing spray on

    In terms of a bronzed, if you are just using it on tops of cheeks and temples, I would really recommend one of the bobbi brown shimmer bricks. I would go for a water based blush though in a pinky tone as this will make you look pretty and healthy. I'm personally not a fan of just using bronzed as blush because it isn't the natural colour you go when you flush and it can look very eighties.
  • Rachy1000Rachy1000 Posts: 50

    Thank you fairykitty.

    I think I just wanted to look a bit sun kissed... Defo want to stay away from the 80's look! haha.... I will check out some pinky tones when I go for my MAC trial.

    I also wanted to say I bought the l’oreal’s BB cream! Wow it’s an awesome product. I will be using this in my normal makeup routine I think and possibly on the actual wedding day….

  • Glad you like it!
  • I have been told by a make up artist that you should get a foundation without SPF in as it can make you look ghostly with flash photography! I am doing my own make up for a wedding abroad and Ive booked a lesson a mac and plan on having a few testers in a department store.

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