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Help needed girls!

I have had glandular fever for what seems like ever now, I thought it was going away again but my throats just gone and I've just had the tell tale rash again- except this time on my face!

It's almost gone but my face is so dry and my normal moisturiser burns when I put it on, can anyone recommend a decent moisturiser that's good for sensitive skin/fragrance free?


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    I can recommend Liz Earle Skin repair moisturiser, and you can get it in dry/sensitive. It's so good!

  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    Yeah I'd second liz Earle!
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    Iv got sensitive skin, and as I want my skin nice in time for the wedding, went to my local beauty salon for a skin analysis, now I've changed all my products to environ! They are really good, I'm noticing my skin getting better already. Have a look online, maybe book in at a beauty salon near you and see what you think. Even if you don't use those products the beauty therapist will tell you what's best for your skin x
  • Elemis - pro-collagen marine cream (both the day and night formulas). It is like a pot of immortality lotion. Try it. Best £££ that you will ever spend...

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    A nice cheap alternative to all the brand makes...  Aqueous Cream - you can buy a tub of it for approximately £2.50 from any chemist.  It is a water based moisturiser normally used for extremely dry skin, eczema, dermatitis etc.  Contains no colours, fragrance etc and works a treat.  As well as using it as a normal moisturiser, you can also use it as a soap... it doesn't lather up like normal soap does but just use a small blob of it instead of soap.  It does exactly the same job without stripping your skin of any oils that are left. 

  • I second the elemis suggestion - perhaps with the capsules they do as the boosters - the rose ones are lovely and I think sensitive skin suitable.

    Another option is Decleor - I use their products religiously. I use arome cleansing water, neroli aromessence, nutri delice face cream (anglique is the product for sensitive skin), essential balm and eye cream. For the 10 days before I have forked out £50 for their vitimin C boost 10 day treatment.

    I feel your pain though - I have a contraceptive implant which is coming to the end of its natural life and so have had huge breakouts on my chin (and I never get spots) - i've also got a coldsore as I am so run down at the moment image

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    I have very sensitive skin on my face and clinique dramatically different is great. I couldnt use anything else but have recently discovered that my face also likes aveno face cream. Which has really helped as I have to moisturise many times a day and aveno is much purse friendlier!

  • I can second the Environ products. I had a facial using these products and the beautician gave me some free samples of their moisturiser as I had dry and sensitive skin. It was fab, felt really nice on and definitely improved my skin.

  • I wouldn't recommend aqueous cream at all. For truely sensitive /eczema skin it will actually become drier - you cannot have something that cleanses and moisturises at the same time despite what the pharmacists say.

    I would suggest something natural/organic. I'm have dreadfully dry skin on my face and just splashed out on some neal yard products after a consultation. I haven't got them yet but will let you know how I get on.
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    I use Olay serum for 30+ skin. It's great. Serum seems to work better for me than any cream x
  • I've just got the Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream (£7.65 in Boots).  I usually have oily skin, but just recently have got a couple of small dry patches.  I've used this twice at night, and my normal moisturiser in the day and already the small dry patches are almost gone.

  • I would recommend Dermalogica, something from the ultra calming range would be best. If you go to a decent stockist they will usually give you some samples to try so you can find one that's best for you before you purchase a whole tube. They do a serum which my best friend swears by and she has very sensitive skin.
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    Oh that's a good shout Abouttime image x
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    I used to use the dermalogica ultra calming cleanser. It is good, but I now use environ. Personally I prefer environ. I still use the dermalogica skin prep scrub and mask though. Mainly because I have bottles of them needing used up. Xx
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    werwerhaweraw9er8 my updates wern't working sorry for ditching this thread!

    Oh I love aqueous cream, but I love it from before they bulked it up with lathering agents so that they could make the cleansing part more marketable.

    I shall see how many samples I can aquire and then give something ago, thanks everyone!

    MrsPtoBe- I've just come of of yasmin- the side effects from withdrawal were horrific and it was whilst I was done with that when I got glandular fever! Whilst I swear to god I am never putting another contraceptive hormone in my body yasmin was fairly easy on the skin as far as that stuff goes. I would rather have a baby and make changes for the rest of my life than having to go through two weeks of contractions(!) and other side effects ever again! H2b agrees!

  • If you can't get samples you can buy a mini kit for about ??30 which is usually a moisturiser, cleanser, toner etc. I have not heard of environ but been using Dermalogica for over 10 years and always been great for my skin, but then you just have to find one that works for you. I get mine from beauty flash as you also get free samples so can try before you buy! Good luck hope you find something that does the trick! By the way I love aqueous cream too but think its very much a body only product!
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    Dermalogica is prob easier to get a hold of. There is quite a few places on line that you can buy it from. The mini kit is good, it's quite handy for when going on hol. Environ products have added vitamins in the moisturiser so there are five different ones, the idea is you work your way up them over time. I'm only on bottle avst1 so will be using this one for the next few bottles. Because of this, it's only available in certain beauty salons and if buying online you would need a consultation. So it is rather pricy so its more limited. I did find it cheaper using dermalogica products as I got better deals and would buy the salon size bottles of cleanser. However the effects environ is having is amazing. So I'm pleased I'm spending a bit more to get my skin ok. It's really whatever works for you though. Xx
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    Thanks image

    I'm just a bit cautious when buying expensive products, so far I've spent over £90 on foundation only to find that none of them entirely suit me but nw10 will do! I also did the hot cloth thing from liz earle for a while and that didn't make the slightest bit of difference! And the last thing I want is a reaction, so if possible I want to try things first image

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    One of the best things for dry, irritated skin is Aveeno cream which you get in Boots for about £7.  It has oat complex or something which is good for eczema prone skin and is really calming.  I doesn't have any fancy anti-aging or a sun screen but after years and years of trying skincare I stick by it especially in the winter.  One of my friends had been recommending it for years but I turned my nose up as it was cheap and I was into the posher stuff at the time image  Stupid ,its the best.  Oilatum is also not bad.  You get both in the section where E45 etc are.

    If you want posher cream I would second Dermalogica but it is very expensive.  I used to get it on as the cheapest place or


  • I use Simple 'derma' cream on my face and any other dry bits and it's brilliant (and cheap!) - theres no perfume etc so it shouldnt burn and is a really intensive moistuiser!

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    What ever you do, don't use aveeno! I have used that for years thinking it was great. It's too thick and doesn't sink in properly. It's great for eczema and for use as hand and body cream, just not on face. Only when I went for my skin analysis I found out how rubbish it is for being used as a face moisturiser! I did honestly swear by it before though! X
  • Tigger1978Tigger1978 Posts: 235

    You can get one that is for the face.  I think it depends on your skin type as it sinks in great for me and is a good base for makeup.  I've had skin analysis too in Boots and the Dermalogica face mapping.  Different things for different people!  The main negative is no sun screen so you won't prevent that type of damage.

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    DR Hanushka's stuff is good and they have a travel size set for £18 that lets you find what you like. I like the rose cream.

    and i have dermititus on my face and dry skin (great combo for a bride haha!)

  • Mrskg2013 looked up environ does look really good, I'm a bit of a beauty junkie but had not come across it before but think will certainly have a look at this! Love a good product recommendation!
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    It's brill, I have got my sis hooked on it too, she went for a skin analysis and bought the recommended products. I'm quite liking my new skin care routine. It's quite fun!

    I'm using the avst range. The cleansing lotion, moisturising toner, avst1 moisturiser, co-enzyme c quenche eye gel and the rad SPF.

    I also purchased a special mitt type thing to remove makeup with first before cleansing. I was using baby wipes to take my makeup off, but found out its removing the acid mantle layer of my skin so now use a mitt and just water and surprisingly it removes it all!

    Really recommend it! Can't remember the make of it but I'm sure there are plenty of similar ones out there.

    It's quite pricy for all these items but I feel it's worth it.

    Really love my new routine. image xx
  • Decelor!  I love love love their products they are so natural and my skin loves their products.

    In the past if I have had 'angry' skin (break outs/sunburn etc) I have put Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream on which has soothed it.

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