make up .......cant decide????

Getting married in september and not sure how to have my make up! i dont usually wear a lot in the daytime but at night i like my eyes to stand out! i am usually pretty boring and stay with browns or greys but my bridesmaids are wearing deep purple and a couple of my friends suggested pinks and purples for they day to keep the colour theme going i have seen a cople of pics so will upload but anyone any suggestions????








  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Love the middle picture, i might steal that look for myself!

    You will have to just keep trying different colours and see which looks the best!

    Good luck! Xx
  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    I think definitely the middle look too image good luck xx

  • Haha Mrs McC 2 B we have been together 13 years too! hope yu have a lovely day!!! 

  • the middle picture is also a demo video on pinterest!!!

  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Brill thankyou ill have a look xx
  • I'd go with the brown but it depends what it looks like on you, on me, pinks make my eyes look sore!

  • Are you on pinterest as well?
  • Mrs chadwick2b that's what I wasn't sure about will have to try out both and see!
  • I love the last pic! I've saved it to my inspiration pics image I'm the same as Mrs Chadwick2b pinks make my eyes look sore
  • I'm torn between the last 2 tbh wanted to maybe try something a bit different but then again I want it to look like me (just a little more polished lol!)
  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Yeh thanks to this site we all love pintrest!
  • My friend got me in to it she makes a lot of her own cards and crafty things so thanks to her im hooked !!!! between that and e bay im never off my laptop!!!

  • Mrs McC 2BMrs McC 2B Posts: 674
    Oh and etsy! Love it xx
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    I really like the top picture. The middle one is nice but sometimes red or pink around the eye can look a bit unusual. Maybe if you added in green, brown or blue in place of pink? I think the top picture is natural without being too minimal.

  • Mmm got me thinking now ! Might try the browns has anyone any preference to shimmery or matt?
  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Always go matt for the wedding makeup. Anything shimmery will be picked up in photos and can look completely different.

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