Hi All,

My wedding is in just over two weeks and I am seriously considering Botox for the small wrinkles around my eyes and maybe a brow lift?

Has anyone had success with it? had anyone wished they didn't have it done?

Any advice welcome.



  • PV 2013PV 2013 Posts: 244

    NO way would i do it 2 weeks before if youve never done it before. H2b loves you for you despite your little wrinkes image

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    I agree, I wouldn't have it done so close to your wedding. A friend of mine had it done over a period of 6 months in the run up to her wedding last summer just to hide her crows feet and it looked fab, but she had to have allergy testing beforehand and I doubt you'd have time. I'd be too scared of it going wrong! x

  • there is always the risk of bruising and it takes 2 weeks to take effect properly so unfortunatley i think you may have left it a little late....



  • boobear45boobear45 Posts: 236

    I use it just between my eyebrows to stop me scowling!!  I can still use my brows (they still move!!) but I don't look cross all the time.  I have been having it for a couple of years and renew it once every 4 months or so.  I would never advise to have it done for the first time before a wedding and would only do it (if you are insistent) by using someone reccommended by a friend.  Mine takes 7-10 days to kick in.  had mine last done on 12th March and by 22nd it was perfect.  Drove a long way in the car yesterday and this usually makes me look tired and grumpy but I emerged from the 2 hour trip home last night looking as fresh as a daisy!!  Personally, I love it - but I am used to it.

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