What are you doing for your bridesmaids hair?

is your hairdresser doing their hair too? Are they all matching? Have you picked a style for them or will they pick their own?


  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117

    hi, I've just booked a hairdresser this evening for my bridesmaids. I have four bridesmaids and am getting married at 11.30 so my hairdresser wouldn't have had time to do.mine, my mother's and their hair.  I'm having my hair down so would like theirs up in a side bun - not sure if I want a neat or messy bun on them yet but have a trial booked in for next month to decide x

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I let my bridesmaids decide- 2 of them did their own hair and 2 of them paid for the hairdresser to style it for them. They all wore their hair differently, which I was very happy with x

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    My two are having it done byt the same hairdresser, but i have said they can have what they like, and they dont have to match image

  • I dont mind how mine have their hair as long as its up as im wearing mine down. They are paying for hairdresser to do it too x

  • Tigso1987Tigso1987 Posts: 647

    I only have the one so will get hers done then mine. She's gonna have a side bun with a braid over it

  • I'm having two with one style and the other two with another one. Then they're each wearing a flower in their colour (I'm having a bit of a rainbow wedding) to bring it all together. I'm not too sure which style's they're having yet but I made a board on Pinterest for them to mull over. x

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