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A word of warning to anyone getting married inthe Devon area.  Bells Brides is offering 50% off hair and make up if you pay the amount up front by bank transfer.  There is a problem - they take your money and then don't return phone calls, text messages or emails.  This leaves you feeling very stressed.  Also there is no postal address on the website so it is difficult to track her down.  We were conned and lost £450.  If the same has happened to you, please get in touch with Trading Standards in Plymouth.


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    I paid months in advance for a 50% off package for myself and my bridesmaids - hair, make up, nails and pedicures. Contacting them was very diffcult and stressful, but they did conduct the rehearsal in the end. Three days before my wedding they let me down (via text) and said they couldn't provide the nail and pedicure service. On the day, two of bridesmaids recieved little time and attention, and the lipstick I purchased from them was already used. I still have never recieved my refund for the services that were not delivered. I do not recommend this company at all, if they have scammed you I suggest you take court action too!

  • I've also encountered the same, she has gone missing didn't turn up for a trial then made out she's got the day wrong then I asked for a refund and haven't heard from her since. Emailed a number of times asking for a refund etc and nothing, now I can't even find the website to get an address to go through the small claims court. Any help is appreciated.

  • Hi guys, I have signed up specifically to reply to this! Unfortunately the same thing has happened to me - Rachel Bell actually did my friend's hair and make up for her wedding with no issues whatsoever which is why I was happy to book her and pay upfront.

    The Bells Brides website is now offline, no phone numbers work and she is ignoring my emails.

    I intend to report her to the police for fraud (accepting money for a service she has no intention of providing) and will be trying to recover my money through small claims court. If anyone wants her details (I have various phone numbers, an address etc) to do the same, just let me know. 

    Sorry you've all been through this too. Hope it didn't/doesn't affect your special days.

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    Hello All, I am so sorry this is still continuing.  I posted the first post as LJT after my daughter's wedding in 2014.  I took Rachel Bell to the Small Claims Court in Plymouth.  When she was served with the notice, she didn't seem surprised so I am sure this had happened previously.  I won my claim and she had a CCJ against her but I have been u able to get my money back.  Perhaps we could do something together to try and get justice.

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    This is awful. There are loads of bad reviews for her online. I hope she isn't still trading.

    Hope you manage to get your money back.

  • Hi all, 

    I have also been on the wrong end of this discusting excuse for a human being.

    I have been trying to get my money Back since August last year and have gone down the small claims route and paid out for the bailiffs but still no money back.

    I'm well up for a collective fight against her to bring her to justice and try to get our money back, I just don't know how to go about it.

    I have contacted action fraud who said there was not enough evidence, contacted the police who say it is a civil matter and don't get involved, contacted watchdog, Dominic Littlewood and Matt Allwright (Rogue Traders).

    As I say, I don't know what else I can do, anyone with any suggestions or are willing to fight this with me, please let me know how we go about it and let's get our money back.

    If you would like to speak to me direct, email [email protected]

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi all, so sorry to hear what you've all been through. 

    I've tried my own attempt at digging up some contact info for you. Assuming her now-inactive website was, I found a postal address registered to that domain on

    PO Box 795, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 9GA

    Company number: 7407280


    Hope this helps in some way

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    Can you not escalate this to the High Court if she hasn't paid the money following the CCJ?

    I am unsure of how to do this but assume it would be the next step?

  • Just going through some old paperwork and was curious what had happened to Bells Brides.  The paperwork?  Small claims!  It was only about £100 but we were successful in reclaiming.  If you are going to go down this route make sure you name RB by name as we almost lost out when naming the company on the court documents.  The advice on the small claims website was very good.

    She rang us a couple of days before the wedding to cancel as she didn't think she'd get there in time.  We found a lovely local place actually in the end.  She said she'd refund and didn't.

    Good luck!  I know it's an old thread but worth showing solidarity, I hope.

  • oh my, still at it is she?! 

    I had to take her to court 2.5 years ago after she refused to refund me after the most awful hair and make up trial which made me look like an 80's China doll! She made my hair look frizzy  (God knows how I had completely straight hair!) And just awful make up! I was actually polite and asked to cancel ( as per terms and conditions on her website) and she kept saying she would or already had paid. She then stopped taking my calls.

    Long story short I took her to small claims which she ignored. It went all the way to bailiffs and I got the money back. I found her address by buying a subscription to that 192 company  (cost a tenner) online. 

    I'm disgusted to hear she's still doing this. At the time I could find nothing like this online and I started a thread to warn others but she got it shut down and said she was going to sue me for slander! 

    I'm happy to testify against her character if anyone needs any further help. 


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