Anyone had eyelash extensions?

Just wondering have any of you had eyelash extensions?  I have had them a couple of times before but they were applied by a friend with a steady hand lol. They looked great at first but after a week or so gradually started dropping off randomly!

I know its expensive to have them applied properly but would pay it if I thought they would last for the wedding & most of the honeymoon.

If you had them, how long did they last & how much did they cost ? 



  • I have mine done regularly leaving a few weeks off every now and again as the eyelashes need time to recover! I find they sometimes split in half when the extention comes off.

    They last anything from 1-3 weeks and cost my £60 a set and £45 infills.

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    I haven't had them done yet but I'm having them put in tomrrow four days before my big day they take 3-4 hours to apply and mine will last 2-3 weeks. image They're costing me £50, bridal discount as we're having a lot of treatments will let you know how it goes....

  • One of my best friends is a beautician so is doing mine for me, never had them but trust her that they will look fab lol.

    Have a lovely wedding ThimbleDreamer image



  • Hi I have mine done and infilled every 3 weeks. It saves so much time getting ready and they make me look wide awake at all times! 

  • i had minedone for wedding abroad and they lasted the full 2 weeks. if your having them on your honeymoon be really careful with sun lotion as it can damage the glue. i paid £45 to have mine done but that was with a mobile beautition and i booked her for the whole day to do mani and pedi for me moh, motb and motb had eyelash tint and perm so she did reduced the price of everything. it think she normally charges about 55. i thought they were great and really pleased i had them especially as we were abroad and it was very hot and sticky! x

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    Thanks everyone for the advice.  What do you use to take your make up off when you have them done? 

    I think I will have them done although I dont really want them to start falling off halfway through the honeymoon. What's the best way to get them off if they do happen to fall off while I'm away? 

  • I felt a little uncomfortable with false lashes and our eyelashes come in various lengths and thicknesses and depending on your natural lash cycle. I have actually done eyelash extensions twice and I am curently satisfied with it.

  • Angie - use oil free makeup remover but because they look so fab I don't wear any other eye makeup. 

    They shed in the normal way lashes do so you won't have to worry about removing them. 

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    Thanks Pinkstars.  Last time I had them they would fall off but just sort of hang off my lashes! I then had to try & pick them off without pulling out the real lash it was half attached to.(quite painful lol)   Maybe it was that they were just not put on right in the first place. 

  • Sounds like not on right! The lady who does mine near derby is fab she's such a perfectionist x 

  • Hi,

    I have had lash extensions and they lasted a month on me. You do have to be very careful when you wash your face and drying etc, as they can be pulled and take your own eyelashes off.

    I loved mine and they looked really natrual not heavy and fake. Depending on where you live the prices vary I only paid £25 for Marvel lashes however I did get them on a special offer. But I do know in London they are very expensive to what I pay in the north east of England. image

    I hope this helps.


  • Hi, lash extensions are fab, but you do need to be VERY careful who you go to.  There are lots and lots of people doing them who haven't had very good training.  If they are falling out after a couple of weeks or are uncomfortable, then they haven't been applied correctly.  They can aslo cause permanent damage to your natural lash if they haven't been applied properly, and by properly I also mean the right length, thickness and curvature for your natural lashes.  If proper precautions are taken, and in the right hands, they can last indefinately with top ups every 2-3 weeks.  Beware of anyone saying they last longer than this.  This is because your lashes are on a 90 day growth cycle, and shed like skin.  Regardless of how strong the glue is, and how well they are applied, they WILL start to look patchy after this length of time.  Some may last longer if the growth cycle of the natrual lashes is particularly slow, but this is the exception and not the norm. 

    It really is worth investing money in getting this done properly, as infection, allergic reactions, and damage to your eyes and natural lashes can occur if proper precations and top quality products are not used.  It might 'just' be a beauty treatment, but they are not 'just' your eyes.  I urge you to spend the money on quality extensions - especially for your big day.  Don't go to anyone charging less than £60-£70 for a full set, and as with all things, you more you pay, the better they will be.

  • Thought I would chip in, as I have been a lash extension lover for a year now, I go every two-three weeks for my infills which are applied individually and take hours, but totally worth it, as the end result you should have fuller, longer but NATURAL looking lashes image

    I had mine done for my holiday and they lasted no problem, even in the sea, pool and with make-up, as long as you look after them, so NO mascara, NO rubbing or pulling and make sure you brush them with a dry, clean mascara style brush everyday, to keep them looking fabulous as the day you had them done.

    Avoid rubbing at the eye area when you wash your make-up off and applying make-up - use your fingers to lightly pat around the eye area avoiding the lashes and use a cotton bud for stubbon eyeliner removal image

    You will look fab!

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