Staffordshire Hair & Makeup Help!

Hi all,

Have been looking for ages online now for a team to do hair and makeup for our wedding who doesn't cost the earth, and doesn't make me fair skin orange! The wedding has a slight vintage twist, and I'm dying to find a team who can work with the English Rose vintage feel without going overboard and making it look like a 40's fancy dress, but can still create soft/romantic looks. If anyone knows of a good team who will travel to Endon, Staffordshire (The Ashes venue) that would be much appreciated - am all googled out!




  • Have a look at She's done weddings at that venue before.

  • Thanks, will check it out image

  • LisaValo NO WAY!! im getting married at the ashes! its such a beautiful venue i cant believe ive got someone who is getting married there too!! when you getting married?

    eeeeeeek! this is far too exciting! image


    on response to your post i dont live in staffordshire but my cousin is a hairdresser so she is doing my hair in the morning so im no help but thought id comment.


  • I'm having Julie Smith from for my hair she's doing all the bridesmaids and my mom. Her website is quite good full of her own work too.She's lovely and practiced a couple of styles on me.Think I'm going to do my own makeup I had a trial but wasn't happy, but I hear is very good she was already booked up so she can.t do mine. Good luck.image

  • Thanks Daiseychain image

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