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I am a little unsure of what to do for my makeup on the big day. I originally got offered a free makeup trial and on the day from a friend of a friend but now it looks like they wont travel to where I am on the day of the wedding. I have asked a work collegue who is big on makeup etc and does makeup for her friends etc as a hobby and she has agreed to do a trial nearer the time but I need to buy my own foundation etc ...but I dont want to pressure her as I asked rather than her offering. I have researched local professionals nearby but it seems very expensive. I want to look good on my wedding day but I want it to be right.

What do you think? What are you doing/have had done for your wedding make up?

Thanks in advance!

Em x


  • Hi

    I'm getting married in France so I'm also a little worried about this too, as I think I'll only be able to go back once before the wedding and will already have a lot to do! 

    I wear Yves Saint Laurent make-up and know the guy that works at both selfridges and debenhams quite well. He said he will give me lessons and I will  just buy what he shows me! I was a bridesmaid for a friend last year and I didn't feel right when the makeup artist did my make-up, and wouldve preferred to wear my own foundation. But  i may just give my foundation to a make-up artist so I feel comfortable... I'm still undecided!

    If you had a few lessons would you feel comfortable doing your own? The make-up artists at counters are really helpful and would be willing to help you create the perfect look, as you will buy the products. I know this may be quite expensive but you will then have loads of great make-up! 


    Vic x

  • Miss AMiss A Posts: 10

    I'm doing my own because I don't like it when others do my make up.

    You can always do a trial at Bobbi Brown or Mac or somewhere like that in a department store and then you can buy what they show you. Then you have time to practice on yourself and you can keep the make up for later. image

  • Emma14Emma14 Posts: 64

    Hi ladies thanks for all your advice image I think I'm going to go with my friend with work but buy some things I like at a trial just incase then I have the best of both worlds image xx

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