Teeth whiteners

Hi fellow brides to be. Hope your planning is going well.

I am very conscious about my teeth beingas lightly yellow (too much coffee-my fault, I know!)  and I am freaking out about the photos - if I look at photos of myself it is the first thing I look at and if I can see them, then the rest of the photo doesn't matter, it's all I can focus on! It also affects my smile(mouth closed - ALWAYS!!!) 

I would love to have a massive grin on my face in my wedding snaps but a bit grin means teeth on display, and so I will be panicking every time someone takes a pic - which will be a lot!

I would love to know if anyone has tried any of the whitening products that are for sale in places like boots? They are quite reasonable and the reviews seem good but was looking for a Little more info before I go ahead. I am not looking for a towie style set of gnashers, just a little improvement! 

Any tips on which ones work and which don't would be most helpful! 

Thanks, Emily.


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