Bridesmaid Hair Trials


are you paying for your BM's to have hair trials? I am of course having one but

was unsure if I should pay for theirs or uf they should pay this? I have bought 

dresses, make up flowers And jewellery totalling £500 per BM (I have 3).




  • i paid for my girls hair but i didn't pay their make up or shoes
  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    Mine aren't having trials and if they choose to use the hairdresser, they're paying for themselves. 

  • Lou85Lou85 Posts: 1,808 New bride

    im not paying for their trials but I am paying for their makeup x

  • Peanut23Peanut23 Posts: 155

    Im paying for mine x and dresses and shoes and make up etc x the lot x

  • FoxtrotFoxtrot Posts: 105
    Mine aren't having trials but I will pay for their hair on the day. If they want make up they will pay for that themselves x
  • Mine aren't having trials either. They can find a photo of what they want and give it to the hair dresser on the day! x

  • Thanks ladies! I am paying their hair for the day plus a huge call out fefloor hairdresser! I think if they wanit trial they can pay it. X

  • Hey Ladies

    I am paying for my BM and MOH (3 people in total) for Hair and Make Up on the wedding day.

    I also then paid for my MOH to have a hair & make up trial done the same time as I had my hair and make up trial as I wanted to decide on the kind of style of hair which the MOH and BM's would have. 

    Personnally I think that if you want MOH and BM to have their hair and make up a certain way for your wedding then you should pay, and if you want a trial then you should definately pay. - As I assume a trial would be more a Brides 'want' in order to check the style for the day. (Just my personal opinion though)

    I am also then buying the BM and MOH dresses, wraps and necklaces.

  • My girls are paying for their own hair and makeup,  I'm not going to specify a style although my hair will be quite simple so don't want theirs too ott ,  other than that they can have what they like and same for makeup x

  • You need to see what the hairdresser says. Our hairdresser refused to do the hair on the day if they hadnt had a trial. Was a bit of a nightmare as one of my bridesmaid lived in brussels then moved to canada!!!
  • All very helpful comments.  I think I might pay for the hair trials given I am asking them to wear their hair a certain way, albeit they are all happy with this. Saves any added stress!! X

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