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I'm getting married abroad in Feb and need some advice on make up.  I've been to both Bobby Brown and MAC for a make up trials and not really been to fussed with what they did.

Can anyone recommend any good make up that will last in the sun and photograph well.  At the moment i'm using Dior forever foundation to see what i think to that.  Whats a good mascara thats waterproof and smudge proof??  What colour eye shadows are good for a wedding ? i have fair skin and blue eyes.  I've been told smashbox is a good primer (i think thats what its called). 


Any help will be much appreciated.   xx


  • Have a look at this video by MUA Lisa Eldridge - it is packed full of great tips and products.


  • Thank you. Xx
  • For the past year and a half I've been using Bare Minerals 'Mineral Veil'. It's supposed to be worn over the other Bare Minerals make up but I don't always wear that as sometimes I need different coverage so I've been wearing it over various No 7 liquid foundations. I have to say I love it. Last year at my brother's wedding after a LOT of dancing we started getting all shiny and my sister and I needed a quick fix we used the pressed compact version, just used it to control shine and it's fabulous! It gives you a very matt finish and almost 'Instagrams' your face.

    The biggest thing I'd say is practice, practice, practice and make sure your make up isn't totally at odds with how you usually wear it because you'll feel uncomfortable!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    No7 stay perfect foundation is fab, even helps with my dark circles, and look good at the end of the day when I wipe it off.

    I have been using bare minerals for a few years, but noticed it wore off during the day, my fault I mess with my glasses when stressed, touching them normally means touching face and rubbing the make up off. No 7 stays put, I do use bare minerals foundation or mineral  veil as a final layer it does make my skin look photo shopped.

    The thing I cant find is good waterproof mascara, they seem to shed through the day, my eyelashes look fab but I get what looks like dark circles but it's tiny flecks of mascara, rub it off and the dark circles go.

  • Not thought of trying bare minerals. I'll put that on my list of ones to try.

    Herstory did you put the no 7 on first then put the bare minerals on top? As I'm a sod for face touching and rubbing make up off.

    Cheers guys xx
  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    Yep, no7 first then a bit of bare minerals foundation, I actually use the foundation as concelar too, with the bare minerals concealer brush. No7 touch proof is fab but my dark circles are really bad so using bare minerals as concealer help to completely vanish them. It's also good as an eyeshadow base or just giving you good nude looking coverage, as a glasses wearer if I don't want to use coloured shadow I just use this, it helps my eyes look more awake.

    I did have the mineral veil compact but it got to the point there was so little left recently when it got knocked in my bag it's disintegrated. Will be buying a replacement before my wedding.

    Bare minerals prime times also a good buy, great under make up but also good to use by itself if your popping out and just want a pick me up for your bare skin.

    I loved how easy bare minerals was to put on, I never looked over made up our orange, even using it with no7 foundation it doesn't look like I used a trowel. 

    Do get a no7 consultant to colour match you, getting it wrong so many times in the past is why I stuck with just bare minerals for so long. The no7 consultant recommended the stay perfect for me cause I admitted I touch my face a lot, she also mentioned estee double wear, if I wasn't so happy with the no7 one then I would have tried that.

    I highly recommend getting a bare minerals make over and if you buy the pots especially the large foundation ones they last ages. I mix two foundation's to get the best colour match for me, and they last so long I can't tell you when I bought the set before the ones I bought this July, if I had to guess I'd say 18 months which makes seem much more reasonably priced.

  • Thanks for that herstory. I think next time I'm out shopping I'll nip to no 7 and bare minerals and see what they are like. I find its always best to go by recommendations. X
  • The smashbox photo finish primer is great. I love Estee Double Wear Light foundation too- it lasts all day.

    For eyeshadows I'd say browns, golds and bronze colours would look best. Make sure you use an eye primer first. x



  • Thank you charlotte. I went and bought the smashbox primer at the weekend to try it.

    Someone else told me to try the estee one but when I went to get a sample the woman on counter told me it wouldn't photograph well so wasn't suitable gor weddings?? X
  • There's two Double Wear foundations- Double Wear foundation doesn't photograph well (you will look like a ghost in pictures) but Double Wear light does photograph well. x


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