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What are your thoughts about nails for your big day? I am not keen on french polish on me personally so thought about a light nude. I love this OPI one - Mr & Mrs Mimosas. 

I just worry it would chip if I don't go for a gel?




  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Hi, Stella - I went French (or technically - American. Still with tips, but a much softer line), because I really love it. I think that's just personal taste though, I think a nude polish would look lovely too.

    I had gels, and I would definitely recommend it. No chipping, and lasted right through my honeymoon with no problems.

  • Hi Stella, I have also bought Mimosas for Mr and Mrs!!...(i dont even get married for ages, june 2015, just wanted to give it a try) it is really lovely on isn't it and i was spoilt for choice with OPI really as they have a really great range of nudes and light pinks - but the name swung it for me image

    I do like french polish but i think im just going to go for a nude. I have tried it and it did chip a little but not till the next day and im not sure if i didnt put it on a little bit too thick, as long as mine lasts the day im not bothered.

    N x

  • Thanks ladies. I do wear french now and again but I think i'd prefer nude for the big day! Ninadam it is gorgeous isn't it! I am thinking of buying it anyway and go for a similar colour in gel so I am chip free!

    Happy wedding planning - it is the best thing ever!


  • Not that keen on french manicure either but a few weeks ago I saw this picture of a little bit different french manuicure and I really liked it Think I might go for something very similar image x

  • Mrs CapeMrs Cape Posts: 133

    OPI nail varnish is really good but I recommend a good prep and base coat as it does tend to chip otherwise which I was really surprised at given that its not the cheapest. x

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I will be getting my nails done with a french polish but in shellac, I have also tried gel in the past but shellac felt and looked more like I had used normal nail varnish. I actually had my nails done with shellac before my holiday this year, I was hoping my fiancée would propose  so I wanted to have nice nails just in case, he did propose image

    I also found with shellac, when I ripped a chunk of my nail off messing with a suitcase zip (well trying to make an overloaded case shut) at the end of my holiday I was able to shape the nail with my glass nail file, something I don't think I could have done with gel, although at the same time gel is thicker so my nail may not have ended up with a chunk missing.

    Nude also looks fab, but I know for me my nails look longer with a french polish, I always have one nail that needs the white tip drawing on below where it should be cause I have ripped the nail off below the tip, but drawing it on seems to instantly 'grow' my nail.

    Writing the above has made me realised I really should start looking after my nails better!

    I am not generally a nail polish person but learnt not too long ago that a layer of clear varnish over colour really does stop it chipping so quickly image

  • MrsKGMrsKG Posts: 403

    I'm going for shellac  - I agree with herstory, it just feels like normal nail varnish and looks great if you have short nails. I'm going to be going for a bright coral colour called Tropix for my wedding as it's my absolute favourite. The OPI nude colour is lovely though image

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