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I have long thick hair half way down my back. I had an idea  for my hair on my wedding day. This being half up and all curled. i don't curl my hair often as it takes ages. but today the local hair dressing college had a pamper day everything £2.50. So I used this as a bit of a wedding trial. I was disappointed when I got home as all the curls had dropped out and it was straight again.  Iam getting married abroad so I'm now thinking could this style be a non starter. Any suggestions . I don't want it all pinned up due to the weight of it I get headaches. Could it be because the girl was training and it's lack of experience . These are the styles I'm looking at. Is there any other ideas other than curls





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    Hi I always wanted my hair like that for when I got married but as we are gettin marred abroad I decided I ant it al up because like you my hair is long and thick. 

    maybe the hairdresser didn't put enough hair spray on? think about what your hair has been like in holiday before- I always have to straighten mine as it has a mind  of it's own and is frizzy/wavy but when I straighten mine on holiday of it's stil muggy in the evening for example thn my hair is back to normal in 5 mins! Which is why I'm just havig it up nicely. 


    Lef me me try and post a link to some different ideas for you xxx







    just winered if it being up a little whether it would last better?xx

  • Those are nice styles. I knew the curls.wouldnt really hold but I thought I would try it

    A thinking mybhair could be in a simple style as im wearing a 72 inch veil so it will all be covered anyway. And its true I never have hair down on hol as it goes all mad and frizzy.

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    Hi, my hair is reallt thick and long, i dont even blow dry my hair myself as it takes ages andmy arm starts to hurt!  i have half up/half down with curls, my hair dresser used the wand and they actually lasted all day and night.  Maybe have a trail with a hairdresser before you choice not to ahve your hair curled, do it on a night out then you can see if the curls will last.

  • Hiya,

    I'm a hairdresser and have come across this so many times! I would say, go for a trial with your own hairdresser, if not your own personal one then one that has been recommended, don't wash your hair for the day, and the couple of previous washes use minimum conditioner and void straightening your hair for a couple of days also. It's all about the product and the way it is curled - I curl with straighteners on thick hair after scrunch drying, also using moose when the hair is wet, root spray for lift and plenty of hairspray - I honestly know you can do this but its all about the product.

    Alternatively why not have an up do with plenty of bits hanging and curly? That's what I'm having to avoid my hair driving me mad!!


  • I have long thick hair too and had trials with curls on 2 seperate occasions and mine never stayed in very long either - I think it's a combination of the weight of our hair making the curls drop and also in general curls really don't last all that long sadly, if you are getting married abroad in the heat they will probably only last half the amount of time too so I'd give it a miss and go for having your hair up, but lightly pinned and cascading curls coming down - it really doesn't need to be pinned tightly to your head.

  • its all about the technique and products used...... i would recommend you use a wedding specialist as they will have experience in making it last all day and night.....


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    My hair doesn't hold curls and as hate not washing it at least every other day, I know curls are not an option for me.

    I decided to go back to blonde after a few years of it being dark, my natural colour is light brown. Anyway my hairdresser agreed but I have strict instructions to use a conditioning treatment once a week, cause to get it the colour I want will mean colouring it 3 times in a 4 month period! Anyway if I had to do my hair myself on my big day I would loosely pin it off my face, with some really pretty pins, as its condition now I am treating it better means I wouldn't mind showing it off! My hairs currently back bra strap length, hoping it will be a little longer by my big day.

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    i use the foam rollers form superdrug or boots (they are big about 1-2 inch in diameter and pink and have the clip to secure them), wash your hair and dry the roots and most of your hair till damp then put these in for at least 6 hours, i normally sleep with them in although it helps if you put a showercap over them. my hair comes out like a poodle but the drops to a very full nice curl after 4 hours and last 3 days (i dont use any product but im sure if you did you could shape them better etc and use the hairdryer to blow them out a bit more then add lots of hairspray) iver tried the velcro sleep in rollers - they dont work, ive tried tongs, they also drop to almost straight after 1day, and tried curling with straightners which also drop. im going to try a new thing which is a tube to create ringlets this weekend and will update if they are any good but i would invest in 2-3 packs of these rollers or similar brands and do a trial - but dont panic when you take them out and its a tight curl just blowdry down a bit to uncurl them enough then add product

    its the oldfashioned way image


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