how Do you bead a hair piece

Hi everyone! 

Does anyone know how to bead a waistband like the one below, or know any tutorials on YouTube that could help? I really want to make 3 of these for my bridesmaids but . Don't know what supplies I need! Thanks in advance! 







  • Meant to say hair band! Stupid predictive text! Lol 

  • hi katie its me again what you need is a lace motive some are already beaded then all you need to do is sew ribbon each end;bridel lace and fabric sell them micheal bridel fabric if you get stuck i have some or can get them they are about £ 15 apair x Tracey



  • Hi Tracey! Thankyou for the advice. I wanted to bead them myself to try and save some money. Do you use muslin or Hessian to sew the beads onto? X

  • you can use any fabric to cut shape and bead on top but  most will fray i would use tulle which veils are made from this doesnt frayor lace then iron interfaceing to back to stiffen it then bead on top of also can buy lace motive with no beads and bead it your self . iv got lots of scrap material and tulle, i give lots to schools so ill send you some to have a play so you dont waist moneyx


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