Ideas for Afro hair and make up

Hello everyone,

I have just joined the forum and this is my first posting. I am a black African woman looking for information on where I can find ideas for wedding hair styles to suit Afro hair. Also, any ideas for make up would be great. We're not planning to get married until July 2015.

Many thanks,

love plus one.




  • I'm in the same boat but getting married this july. Do you have Afro hair or relaxed? Ive been ogling hairstyles on places like minaluchi, bella naija and the like. 

  • Hi there,

     Thanks for the suggestions. My hair has been treated and I normally have Ghana weave plaits. I am looking for a style that will be good for the wedding bit that will requir minimum maintenance when on honeymoon.

    Have you any ideas re: make up? I usually use Bobbi brown.


    loveplus one

  • Hey guys

    I have been looking on pinterest for some ideas! I have problem follicles. I am still deciding what to do with my hair for my wedding in September. Was thinking of straightening mine and having a nice 'up do' but OH insists I keep my curls! I have afro hair, it has loosened up over the years with all the hassle I have put it through so its not a hard curl to work with really. Could just do with it to grow another foot or so before September! 

    Anyway pinterest have some really cool ideas, saw some really good pics of bantu knots which were new to me prior to going on there, and the effect is very nice.

    Would love to see your ideas and what you guys come up with.

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