What happens at hair and make up trial?

I have booked in my hair and make up trial for next weekend, but im not getting married until July

I decided to book it because im getting really stressed out about my hair, its quite fine and really straight. so im worried about what styles i can have.

has anyone else done this? im just concerned as i dont have my veil or anything to take with me!

also would you take your mum or a bridesmaid for a second opinion?


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    I guess you could take someone with you But I'm sure you know if you like something or not. Is it a trial with someone to see if you are happy with their work? I'm sure they will be able to recommend styles to suit your hair x

  • yes, its a trial to make sure i want to book her, and hopefuly to try a few different styles.

    i guess im just hoping that the styles i like in my head look good in real life and suit me

    fingers crossed i'll go next week and set my mind at rest x

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    If you have pictures of styles you like then take them with you to show her xx

  • my hair is fine and straight too! I'm having a practice in a few weeks and taking my mum image

  • Sunday Girl, Never Fear! 

    I am a Bridal Hair and Make-up Artist and everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. Most of us ladies get very nervous about our Hair because we worry that the picture we have in our head wont be the one we see in the mirror but I can assure you if the artist you have picked is anything like myself, we care 100% about your feelings and concerns and you will be made to feel confident and relaxed.

    I wanted to put your mind at ease and tell you to enjoy every minute of your trial and being pampered. You are most likely to try at least 3 different styles and there is nothing you cannot achieve. I hope this has helped you a little bit and I wish you the best of luck. 

    Best Wishes,

    Sarah Henning
    Professional Hair and Make-up Artist

    p.s Yes take your Mum! 


  • Thanks girls i do feel better about things now!

    Its just so hard to imagine the full package and what my dress will look like with my hair etc!

    Pleased my trial is next week so i can hopefuly set my mind at rest x

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