allergic reaction after MU trial!

i had an allergic reaction on my trial but it didnt affect me till a few hours after the trial (puff and blotchy and pimples!)
i paid the deposit on the day of trial for wedding day (£50) and paid for trial (for myself and mum)

i phoned up on monday (as noticed sat night and they were closed sunday) and told them in a complete panic, told them i wanted to cancel etc and they said they would contact supplier
face has calmed down majorly since then but called them again today to ask what advice etc and to make sure it was cancelled

the MUA said 'yeah i contacted supplier and they said that can happen, but you can bring in your own make-up and we will do a free trial with your own stuff' i have 3 items of make-up which is foundation, mascara and eyeliner
i told her id be wearing fake-tan on the day so my foundation isnt the right shade plus im not paying for them to put on 3 items of make-up on me!
i was then told that the deposit is non-refundable - which was not mentioned during my trial!
im so angry and worried i cant afford to spend £50 on nothing! plus they added two lipsticks at £20 each which i also had a reaction with (unopened!)

am i right in thinking that since i had an allergic reaction i should have to pay this?!!!!????? the women was really pushy and im running out of time! any advice or anyone had a similar situation?!


  • As a makeup artist it isn't a makeup artists fault that you had an allergic reaction if this wasn't known to them (as in previous allergies) or that it is a new reaction and they applied makeup in a hygienically way.


    However its bad practice to treat a client in such a way.


    They should be able to allow you to return the unopened lipsticks and should have more than one bride of makeup to redo the trial.


    If this happened to me as a makeup artist, I would offer another trial at a discounted rate using another brand of makeup as I carry a few different brands for this reason. Makeup is personal and what suits one person wont suit another.  I always ask clients for history of allergies etc and I know what my makeup contains so I wouldn't need to contact a supplier.

    Which brand of Makeup did she use?


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    They seem very unprofessional, okay it is not there fault you reacted to the brand they used but as Michelle has said above, they should carry more than one brand for this reason, not expect you to supply the make up.

    The fact they had to contact the supplier to find out if people could have an allergic reaction to the products also rings alarms bells, after all people can have allergies to a whole range of things, no brand can claim that you definitely won't react only that most people who use their product don't!

    I would start looking for another make up artist one that is experienced enough to treat their clients well. If you explain you had a allergic reaction and what brand I would expect most professional make up artists to be sympathetic and have possible solutions.

    As soon as I had secured another make up artist I would be asking the other politely for a refund on my deposit and the lipsticks, and if the answer was still no then maybe say you are happy to find ways to inform other local brides of your experience using their services, this may seem a bit mean, but it may motivate them to refund you, after all £70 is a lot less than the work bad press could cost them!

    One thing I found out at the national wedding show is it is worth asking on make up counters if any of the staff do wedding make up in their own time if you are struggling to find someone, if you get that person to give you a free instore makeover you can see their work and find out if that make up is okay for your skin. This came up because bareminerals were doing free make overs in the vip area but don't have a list of make up artists using their makeup.

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    thanks for this advice, the salon dont stock any other make and it was some make called jane or jan iredale? i think

    im not blaming them for having an allergic reaction hence why i realise i still have to pay for my trial, but since my experience has been terrible i would not want my deposit used as services for something else, they have been so rude calling me at work and lying about what happened and what was said

    i think i will just buy a new foundation that will match my skin in a brand i trust then go with very little make-up on the day i.e. mascara lol

  • Look for a foundation that does not contain spf as this shows a white cast in photography. 

    They should refund the brand if you have had an allergy to it at a trial and cant use the product.


    As a makeup artist I have never heard of that brand either.

  • Laura where are you from?


    I know a makeup artist offering very low rates and I thinks he uses Bobbi Brown products.

  • Paige where is this artist based as I am desperate to book one.


  • hi laura


    ive had a look through my email trails with her and she says she is based in london (says she covers all of london and some of the midlands. 


    She did my hair and makeup. 





  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    thanks for the help - i got my deposit back image and have went to a few make-up counters to work out what stuff im allergic too/ or not and have bought some makeup to sort myself out

    thanks paige but im in scotland so might be a bit of a trek from london! lol

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