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Why does bridal makeup cost more?

Silly question really but I have been looking through my salons prices list

They charge £20 for bridesmaid makeup or for prom makeup. They charge £20 for practice makeup and then £35 for bridal makeup.

So do brides get something extra for it to cost £15 more? Or is this just another example of increased prices when they hear the wedding word?

I know a total of £55 for the practice and bridal makeup is not a lot compared to what some are paying but do I get something extra on the day. I just cant understand why bridesmaid makeup is cheaper and a practice is cheaper. Surely it is the same? Or am I completely wrong and does bridal makeup involve a little extra?

Also I am having my hair and makeup both done at my mums local hair and beauty salon. They are a young and modern salon, but will a beauty therapist be the best option for makeup? I had looked for a makeup artist but couldnt seem to find one in Plymouth.


  • fayeperminfayepermin Posts: 137
    Hi Lush 224,

    I am a make-up artist and the reason why the price is differnent for the bride is beacasue the trial takes longer than a special occassion make-up really the trial should be more expensive than on the day as it take much longer but most people don't want to spend a huge amount on the trial in case they don't like it and want to try someone else.

    if you can find a make-up artist that would be better as beauty therapists really on do about a week in college on make-up where as a professional make-up artist would have studied for a lot longer.

    I hope this helps

    Faye xx
  • emalou55emalou55 Posts: 237
    I am also a makeup artist and i have to say that you will find alot of make-up artist that are freelance do charge alot more then a salon as we use a lot of top quitly makeup brands where as you will find in a salon they are limited to what they have also i think the price that you where qouted at the salon is fantastic you will not find a better price but you must remebr that it is that price as they will not have a large amount of colour,foundation,blusher to choose from.

    Also you must remeber that make-up artist are thetre from fist thing in the morning i have been up and 5.30am to get ready to go and be with a bride so that i can spend time with her and her bridesmaid and make there makeup look fantastic so that it will last all day for them plus iam always there until the bride is dressed and ready to go i know alot of other make-up artist are too so iam there to do a top up of lipstick etc before she is ready to walk out the door.

    So the reason that we do charge more for bridal is that we are there in the morning from start till you get ready to leave from the church and we have to be up bright an early to make ourself presentable plus we normally domlots of other tasks the amount of dads button hols and brides shoes that i put on for them.

    Also i would say when you come to book your wedding make-up make sure there is lots of make-up to choose from and they are god brands that are used as you pay so much for photographer your dress and your hair and you would hate all them to be spolit if your make-up didnt look right so it is another big thing to think about on your wedding day and make sure you book early so you get the make-up artist you want

    Hope this helps god i can talk

  • gottaget200gottaget200 Posts: 774
    The reason that i charge mpore for a bride than i do a bm is there are other things billed into the bride's cost - petrol, makeup, disposables, skincare.

    Juliet x
  • KimbyukKimbyuk Posts: 49
    Thank you to the make up artists for their information and advice! I'm looking into organising hair and beauty for my wedding day at the moment. One make up artist who I've spoken to uses Art Deco and Simply Beautiful products - are these quite good? I've not heard of them before so it would be great to hear your professional opinion!

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Kim, I think both of those brands are very cheap salon brand cosmetics. I have never used them personally but I doubt they will be of high enough quality for bridal work. You'll just have to see how they last after the trial.
  • KimbyukKimbyuk Posts: 49
    Thanks Rochelle! Could you advise on questions I should be asking potential make-up artists and what quality products are usually used for bridal work? I don't suppose you're based in the North East??


  • emalou55emalou55 Posts: 237
    Hi Kim

    You will find the professional make-up artist will use a range of top quality products like mac ,bobbui brown all the major cosmetic brands we dont tend to like to stick to one brand in my kit i have a range of brands i like to use things that i know work and help to give you that long lasting make-up look.

    If you email me i might be able to help iam based in the north east

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