Amateur make up artist free trials

Hi ladies    I have no official make up or beauty qualifications but can only describe myself as a make up addict. I'm fascinated by all the beauty gurus on the internet and watch countless hours of tutorials and videos learning how to recreate looks.    Having recently got married in December 2013 with an army of 7 bridesmaids I found it difficult to budget for a make up artist to work on them. After a few trial sessions we decided I would do the makeup for all my bridesmaids to save some money. I enjoyed having something to do on the morning to keep me calm, I was overjoyed when guests commented on their make up and how beautiful they all looked.     Whenever I go on a night out with the girls I get roped in to doing their make up or eyelashes and they all go rummaging through my make up draw as they know I will have the right colours to match their outfit or look! I don't mind as it's something I have a passion for and enjoy doing, it never ceases to amazing me what the right make up can do for someone's confidence let alone their image.    This got me thinking, I would love to do this for a career, although with a full time job and saving to start a family I do not have the time or the money needed to go back to gain a qualification. So I looked into what a make up artist needs to do free lance work, it turns out nothing! All you need is liability endurance ( which I already have due to my full time job as a nanny ) and an artistic eye.    My aim is to build up a portfolio to eventually be able to run my own bridal make up business. I completely understand that your wedding day is the biggest day of your life and you want to feel fantastic and that hiring a more experienced make up artist is the safest option. I feel like before my wedding I would of agreeded with you, but had I been given the option to hire a cheaper artist I would have done.    What I'm proposing is if you would like to meet me for a free trial of whatever look you like I will come to meet you, show you my endless supply of brushes and different makeup and try some looks out. If you don't object I will take some photos to build my portfolio, and if you decide you would like me to do you and or your bridal party's make up on the big day all I would ask is that my millage to the place of preparation is covered and £10-£15 per person to cover the costs of eyelashes and special make up purchased to match your colour scemes ect.    If you live within Kent or Surrey and you are at all interested please contact me at [email protected]   I drive so will be able to get to you and will be as felexible as possible to fit in with you. All I can suggest is if you are unsure why not arrange a girls night out, I will come to pamper you and make you up before hand leaving you to sit and drink wine without worrying about taking your eye out with a mascara wand after one too many, if you like how you look book me and spread the word!    Thanks for taking the time to read this. Helen Davis
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