Dry skin.

Hello fellow brides, I have very dry skin whenever I put foundation on you can see the dry skin and I feel a little insecure about it. My question to all you ladies is, any one have the same problem? Any primers and foundation that are good for dry skin? As I am planning to do my own make-up. I have already started my Clinque three step skin care routine a few months ago and it has helped a lot but still not perfect. 


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    I always use E45 cream, have you tried that?

  • Try Mac foundations. I have dry skin, and found mac to be the best so far.

  • I had the exact same problem but started using Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and Superskin moisturiser in Dec and my skin is looking dramatically better already. I didint use it for a couple of days and my skin got bad and extremely dry again so quickly added it back into my skin care regime! There is a Liz Earle face mask I've been recommended to use too so will be investing in that very soon! It's not the cheapest skincare range but I am so impressed already I think it's worth the investment x

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    Can I recommend the coconut montagne jeunesse face masks? They're fab!

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    Just a quick update to this thread, I changed my make-up routine, I found that changing my foundation brush to a damp beauty blender made a huge difference. I now use coconut oil on my face to get rid of blemishes and that also really helps my skin. I still use my Clinque skin routine due to my skin being sensitive, I will try Liz Earle after I run out of my Clinque as I keep hearing amazing things about it image 
    Thank you for your replies sorry that this was such a late reply!

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