Does anyone else have a fringe?

Help! I have my trial hair & make-up next week but am struggling to find a half-up style with a fringe. :\(

I've had one since I was 12 and wouldn't look like me without it. My hair is shoulder length and my fringe is full not wispy. Anyone seen any styles that include one?

Thanks! :\)


  • I really feel for you, i have a fringe and i need to grow it out and i keep having to have it cut because it does my head in inbetween growing it, lol.

  • chloeparkerchloeparker Posts: 528
    Growing mine out but not sure it suits me might have it cut back.
  • Chablis1957Chablis1957 Posts: 121
    Thanks girls; I didn't think I was the only bride with a fringe. How annoying though; I hope my stylist doesn't suggest I grow mine out as, the reason I've had it for so long, I LIKE MY FRINGE! Plus, it hides my eyebrows and forehead image Oh well, I'll keep looking for styles and, if I find one, I'll let you know.

    Bye for now!
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    I have a heavy-ish fringe too! I have dark, fairly fine, shoulder length hair with a definite kink, so I tend to dry it straight. For my wedding back in March, I had my hair in a fench pleat, and kept my fringe as it was. I tried some half up, half down styles, but because my hair is fine, they just didn't suit me. Good luck - fringes are cool!
  • I've had my fringe for the last 14 years and I wouldn't part with it for any money. I have an enormous forehead so my fringe is the only thing that stops me looking like a clingon!!! I was recently a bridesmaid for my best friend and spoke to the hairdresser about how to wear my hair. She did a really lovely up do, much like you see in magazines, only she swept my fringe to one side. As I have quite a heavy fringe the hairdresser had to use SO much mousse and about a years supply of hairspray just to make it stay put but it looked fab, very stylish! She told me that for my own wedding I should look in magazines for the kind of thing I want, then just ask to have my fringe incorporated and swept to one side. Try popping into your local hairdresser for a chat if you're worried, mine were really helpful. x x
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    I have had my fringe for the last 23 years out of 25 and I cannot bear to part with it on my wedding day, its sort of swept across one side but the hairdresser suggested i grow it long enough to be tucked to one side. yuk no way am I doing it i look stupid!!

    Why do other people sometimes think they know best, However my fringe tends to misbehave at the most important times image

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    I too have a fringe, having up in rollers and sorta clipped up at the sides - not seen any pictures of it, just an idea my hairdresser had. Looks good though - my hair's kinda straight with a kink in it and as my hairdresser keeps telling me it's so fine that it doesn't hold a style well! I really wanted it down, and she wanted it up so she could lacquer it ino submission, but hate having my hair up - so this is my compromise!
  • I am so glad you started up this thread!

    I got engaged in October and decied to grow out my fringe and my hair for my wedding next March. Then I saw some photos of me at my friends wedding and realised that I don't look that good without it. I have a long thin face so I went to the haridressers last week and had my fringe cut back in and my hair cut into a bob! I am delighted with it but now have no idea what to do for the wedding!

    I've been scouring the net looking for wedding hair with fringes and am at a loss!

    Going for a trial in September so will have to wait and see what the experts say!!

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    i have a fringe which i got only a few years back in an attempt to hide spots. however its tempermental. when its clean it goes very fluffy, then a day later it will part to each side. i think the parted fringe looks nice if its quite long as it softens the outline of my face - but it means trying to judge when best to cut it. otherwise my hair do is going to be grecian inspired with loose curls pinned at the back of my head. my tiara is like a triple aliceband so looks like pearls and crystals wrapped round my head. hope that makes sense?? an elegant mess is prob best description as my hair doesnt do sleek!
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    Thanks for all your replies; us fringe wearers need to stick together! image I originally asked my hairdresser (she's known me and my hair for 3 years) about bridal hair. Her response was 'it depends on what you want but we don't do updos'!! Flipping great. They also told me if I wanted my hair done for my wedding, I'd have to have it done the day before as they don't work on Sundays! Even more flipping great.

    So I've booked a hair and make-up trial with someone who doesn't know me and it's happending next Thursday 26th July! I will let you know what she suggests and, if possible, get some pictures of what she does (including my fringe). In the meantime, I'll keep scouring the internet for styles!

  • Well, how did the hair trial go?
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