Short hair brides!

So I cut most of my hair off at the end of January and am now wondering what I should do with my hair for the wedding!

I have my hair in a bob, so it falls an inch, maybe two, below my chin.  I want my hair to look special on the day but not sure what I can do really.  I am having a veil and a tiara as well.

Does anyone else know what they are doing or have any ideas what I can do?



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    Mine is chin length.  Im annoyed that its been long most of my life and end of last year I had 10 inches cut off and then out the blue this year got engaged!!  To be honest I think I will end up having some hair pieces in as I think an up do always looks more dressy than having it down and I want it to look different to how I wear it every day. 

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    Hi Victoria, I have a short haircut, a bit like Victoria beckham used to have it? My hairdresser wanted me to grow it out so it looked more "glamourous" but I prefer it short! I'm thinking just a good blow dry on the day. Am wearing a floor length veil and maybe a hair band for the evening but I think short hair is a good statement in itself without needing loads of styling/accessories xx 

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  • I've got short hair that I'm currently trying to grow as it was really quite short with lots of shorter layers. I'm only planning on growing it to a longish bob - so just below chin length really. I just want it long enough to have a wave put in and a messy loose pinned up do. If I need clip in extensions to add volume then I'll have them but my hairdresser seems to think it'll be fine without. My mum did want me to keep it short!

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    Thanks ladies, I am thinking of curling my hair to give it some volume and just make it that little more 'special'.

    Jules that first picture actually looks like me apart from the nose and slim arms!! So freaky haha 

  • I have short hair too. My hairdressers has offered to show me how to put my veil in and I am just going to blow dry my hair myself and put my own veil and accessories in. I have struggled to find pictures of short haired brides with veils in, all seem to be fascinations or nothing. 

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    I'm just going to wear a veil, have such fine hair have no idea how itl stay in, maybe they'll kirby grip it? Any ideas? 

  • I have hair which is currently just a bit above my chin when dry (it has bizarre waves in it so there's always a huge difference between the length when wet and dry).

    I would like to keep it short - maybe a couple of inches longer - and then just have it in rollers or curl it a little on the day. I think because of the curls though I will need to grow it quite a bit more - otherwise it would be mid ear length with the curls!!

    So basically it will be quite a bit longer than now, but still just below my shoulders, and curled.

    If you want to do something a bit more fancy, you could grow it out a little.

    Or try searching "short wedding hair" on pinterest. There are hundreds of ideas on there! 

  • My hair us find too alk the veils I tried on slipped straight out of my hair. One of the dress shops had a clip that had a gap in it for the teeth on the veil to sit in. And it didn't move. 

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    Ooh can u show me a pic maybe? Il need to ask for one of those! 

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