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Evening ladies, I get married next month and am thinking about my hair style for the day... I know it's quite late to still be pondering! 

I get married in crete on the beach and have long hair so don't want it sticking to my back. I really like slightly messy side buns but would I be able to wear a veil with this? 

The quote I received for my hair was about €140 which I think is a bit excessive so decided to do it myself but am now panicking in case its one of those days where my hair won't do anything! 

My h2b pictures me with a veil and tiara, but I can't see this with a side do? Can anyone  give me their opinion please? Xx



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    I don't really know how you'd wear a veil with a side do, unless it was more of a birdcage veil.  What about a messy bun that's central at the back?  I'm thinking of this for my BMs:

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    Had my second dress fitting yesterday and took veil along, decision made for me, the dress and veil and completely different shades of white. One less thing to worry about, have ordered a side tiara and have been practising styling my hair. Every attempt has a different outcome though! X

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    If I could achieve this I'd be one happy girl!


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    Maybe ask your usual hairdresser for a lesson in how to do that style? Or if you have any friends who are good at doing things like that ask them if they have a few hours to show you how.

    My hairdresser has said when I want she will teach me how to properly blow dry my hair and I know she has done this for quiet a few clients. I tend to just blast mine dry image

    H2B won't notice if you have a veil or not, unless you wear it over your face. A friend of mine had a veil for her wedding and it was lovely but mainly at the back it was easy to miss. I am having a big veil but as my hair will be half up half down the comb fits nicely at the back. I bet my H2B only notice my veil after he has stood on it!

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    My hairdresser is coming round to put some subtle highlights through and trim the ends on 16/5, she has said she will show me how to get the look I'm after. After weeks of worrying about it thinking I'm useless with hair I've realised that this is not quite true as my hairdresser has previously taught me how to fish Plait, use a doughnut to get a huge sleek bun and back comb to get hair as big as amy winehouse! So I think I need to have a little faith. Maybe I'm stressing about my hair to take my mind from other wedding worries?!


    As my future mother in law likes to tell me...worry is like a rocking chair, it gets you no where x

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