DIY make up in hot weather for acne-prone skin

It'll be 25 degrees when i get married outdoors. I have acne prone, very pale skin (ginger hair) so will need to wear suncream factor 30. Can anyone advise on how I can do my own make up without looking completely greasy? I don't normally wear foundation so any advice on something light and not to sticky would be very welcome.




  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Maybe try Bare Minerals. I've suffered from bad acne all my adult life and finally decided to try this. I'm getting fewer flare ups and they don't last as long.

    If you go to Debenhams you can speak to someone on their counter. who will match you up. You can buy a starter pack which has primer in which should stop any greasyness and the powder doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup.

    Or you could always try a BB cream (I think they have SPF in them), I think Simple does one, which should be gentle on your skin. It depends how much coverage you want as well.

    Hope that's helped? image

  • I've heard wonderful things about Bare Minerals. I'll be in the same boat soon, I'm going to a wedding in Tenerife and have recently been diagnosed with Acne Rosacea. I found that wearing mineral powered make up helps, its light and healthier on the skin than other foundation. Blusher, eye shadow and bronzer also comes in a mineral like form. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • Be careful with mineral makeup as some have a high level of titanium dioxide in them that can ghost out on camera - especially if your body has tanned.

    I'd highly recommend Dior Forever foundation - it's waterproof, heat proof and sweatproof band beautiful on camera.

    I'd use a layer of OC8 ( underneath - this is a great  antishine gel that doesn't black the skin but keeps shine at bay. 

    Juliet x

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    I use bare minerals and my tan varies throughout the week with my St Tropez level haha! I've never had a problem with it, photos still look like me and no ghosting, and their foundations are amazing, they do a new one now if you want a fuller coverage but I use the Oil reduction one which I have found has made a massive difference to my skin, its got SPF too. I also use their Oil reduction primer which works a treat and won't sweat off.

    If you do get a bit of colour then you can also get the warm all over, which you can tip in the lid of your foundation and mix to darken the colour slightly. Id you go for that I'd also get a blusher from them so the textures match and give you the same complexion effect. xx

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