I am terrified

Dear all,   19 days to go I suppose to be excited but in fact I am terrified!  Don't get me wrong I still want to marry him, and before he proposed I was always dreaming being a bride.  Just that I still have not find a make up artist that I am 100% happy with!   Initially I was going to use my own hairstylist to do my hair and make up.  He has been my hairstylist for a while and he is very good with hair styling.   However deep down I always worry about his make up skills and my sister said to me early in the wedding planning that I need to try him out.  I mentioned to him I want a trial months ago and he kept on saying not to worry about it, we will try it 6-8 weeks in advance etc... Then I found and excuse and said I need make up for my engagement shoot, I was not happy with the way he do my make up!!  My hair looked gorgeous and the make up was disappointing that even I can do better make up then he does!!   Then I decided to find another make up artist!  Had three trials which cost me quite a bit and although I am not 100% happy with them but one of them did stand out and her make up makes me feel really comfortable with.  However I don't like the way she do my hair, she got very good ideas but she just do not have the skills to achieve it.. One hour after the trial the hair style start falling off.   So I thought ok maybe I can use her just for make up and my hairstylist for hair.  However she still want to charge me almost the same price for just the make up and I just text my hairstylist today that I just want him to do my hair deal to budget etc and ask him about the price.  He has not get back to me and I don't know if he is offended.   I did think about doing the make up myself but both my h2b and my sister, who know me best, saying no way I should do the make up myself as I am such a panicky person and I get anxious very very easily!  Like now I am sooooo worry and panic that I woke up 3 or 4 times last night!  On top of that during Easter lunch yesterday everyone was talking about what they are going to wear for my wedding!  It feels so weird as no one seems to interest about asking me about the wedding... And somehow I feel I need to look the absolute best!!!  Ahhhh please help me to calm me and give me suggestion about what to do as I am so worried and I worried that for the next two weeks I can be able to concentrate at work.      Sorry to be a long one!!


  • Do any of your friends do make up? What is it you don't like about the make up they did?


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    How did the person who did the make up do your hair was it up ( if so could you ask her to use more clips to keep it up), use more product (e.g hair spray) if it was curly could you keep it in longer so that the style lasts longer? 

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    Thank you very much ladies for your reply!

    Almost Mrs H: No I cannot think of a friend to do the make up for me as most girls maybe good doing on their own but feeling comfortable to do it on others. My sister is very good with make up but even she is not confident to do it on other people. My issue is I want to look like I have flawless skin but hardly have any make up on. Although everyone says they love my freckles but deep down I don't feel comfortable with them. I want them to be covered, so one lady did that but I thought it was too much make up and it looks a bit cakey! One of them I do not like the colour she put on me, and some make up artist I think their tools and make up does not look very clean and they use their fingers too much!! I really do not like people using fingers touching my skin, especially after they have touched my hair and then touch my face without washing their hands!

    Bexgreen: My hair is a up-style, it is not only the hairstyle starts to fall off but also my hair overall! I guess I really like my hairstylist and he has super good hair skills and he really know his products. Every time I come out from his studio I always get compliments even from my future MIL!! I really want to use him for my hair... However he still has not get back to me...

    I know I sound really picky and particular.. But it is my wedding day and I really want to feel really good about myself...

  • I completely understand what you mean. Could you get your own foundation and brushes and get one of them to apply it for you.

    i was wary of using a make up artist because I didn't want to look too done up. I went to make up counter (nars) and they showed me and my friend how to apply the products and my friend is doing this for me. could your sister go with you and see if this is something she could do? 


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    Thank you Mrs H!  Definitely asking them to use my foundation instead!  I have asked my sister the other day to do my make up she got freaked out!!  So I think I will stick to a pro instead...  But thanks for your advice.  Just feeling anxious for this wedding stuff...  There are few things need to get sorted.  I cannot help but worry about it.  Am I the only one?  

  • I am a wedding hairdresser and makeup artist with many years experience in TV, film and specialise in brides.  www.yourweddinghairandmakeup.co.uk

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