hair and makeup in coventry?


Was just wondering if anyone knows a mobile hair and makeup person in coventry fo a reasonable price.


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    I viewed Jmarie' work @ a bridal show I will be booking her and a phographer Clive Blair for my wedding. I had a hair & make up trial with her and she is very understanding of what I was looking for, I like her work and I would recommend her. Her website is
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    Hi im a mobile hairdresser based in Nottinghamshire, i cover a large area of the uk and would be willing to travel for you.i have done alot of weddings and take alot of pride in my work. if you would like to visit my website if you would like to discuss anything feel free to call/email me, my contact details can be found on my website.

    Many Thanks


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    hello, sorry to crash but gemshair, i cant get your website address to work but i might be interested in using your services for my wedding, please could you email me [email protected]


    Lucie xx
  • Hi Piggpops if you find one please let me know! I from Coventry.

    I'm thinking about going to my regular hairdressers to have my hair done and just doing my own make up but if the price is right, I'd quite like someone to come to the house.
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    Have a look at and There are a few that cover the Midlands area.

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    Hi I know of and who cover these areas and both have really good sites.
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