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I'm planning to have my hair in a low side bun for my wedding but because my hair is really fine (& not enough to cover around a doughnut) I was thinking I'd probably need some hair extensions to bulk it out (my hair is long enough, few inches past my shoulders).

Can anyone recommend the best brands or sorts of extensions (real hair)? Am I better to get a set of individual pieces, or a pony tail type? How long should I go for to get the best bun (without it being huge!)

As you can probably tell I've never worn extensions - or done a lot with my hair before, so not sure if I'll wear the extensions again after the wedding (so would prefer the cheapest good quality choice!)

Thanks! X


  • FutureMrsKFutureMrsK Posts: 234

    If you are having a hair dresser speak to them they can give you loads of advice. I got Remy full hair clip in extensions, they cost me £26 and are 18 inches. I don't wear extensions normally so I didn't want to spend loads. Just need a bit of thickness as I'm wearing my hair half up and half down image 

  • KatieyKatiey Posts: 106

    I had racoon hair extensions for my wedding :

    I was similar to you - my hair is perfectly long enough just fine and not thick enough for how I wanted it. I had 5 rows put in at the bottom of my head to thicken it up - as was not full or even a part head was much cheaper. image if you look on their website there is a search for local salons who use these extensions. They look so natural aswell... Good luck x


  • Cattyf123Cattyf123 Posts: 43

    Hi LucyLu

    You will be surprised what your hairdresser can do without any need for extensions - I was recently a bridesmaid and my hair sounds like yours....but a bun ring and some major back-combing made it look like I had much more hair than I do!

    I've used different types of extensions before and agree with 2015Bride 2, clip-ins are the best in my opinion.  I've had micro-ring extensions before which, when they were taken out had pulled out so much of my hair that I had bald patches in places image

    I don't like weaves, but you could maybe get one just for the day then have it taken out? x

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