Camo makeup for broken veins in legs


I have some sort of condition which means I have loads of red blotches on my feet and legs like spider veins. It looks worse when my legs are hot or swollen and as I'm getting married in Mexico I'm expecting that they might be both. Does anyone know what is the best makeup to use (preferably waterproof for splashing in the sea) and how to figure out which colour will be best as I expect to be a lot more tanned than I am now!


  • MrsP2B2014MrsP2B2014 Posts: 29


    My sister swears by Dermablend. They do a leg & body cover used to cover scars, tattoos, burns etc. They also do a powder which I think makes it waterproof. They've got a website but I think you can get it on amazon as well.




  • Lynsey ShawLynsey Shaw Posts: 517

    I can second Dermablend.  I have a major scar on my face and it covers it beautifully.  It is quite heavy, I warn you but it will definitely do the job image

  • Thanks both, I'll have a look. 

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