Recommendations needed for Lancashire-based bridal hair & makeup artist

Hi All, I'm looking for recommendations for a Lancashire based bridal hair & make up artist. Have tried Flossy & Leigh and Michelle Sisson, but both booked. Thanks in advance! 


  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    I don't know where in Lancashire you are but Shelley Alexander is fab 

  • wordbirdwordbird Posts: 10

    Thanks MissP! I'm in Manchester and getting married up in Whalley. Will check out Shelley image 


  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    I know she has done things in Colne etc so I wouldn't see Whalley being an issue she is Lancaster/Morecambe based. You can find her on Facebook Shelly Alexander makeup

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