Leg / bikini waxing

Hope I am posting in the right place... have booked a bikini wax and full leg wax in 6 weeks. It's a 'lycon' wax which is apparently less painful. I have only had a bikini wax once and it was so painful I never did it again, so I am rather nervous. Can people advise:

Should I get full leg wax or just above the knee (and shave below the knee)? My thighs are hairier than calves.

I have booked it for 5 days before the wedding, is this a good amount of time?

How long should the hair be for this - as long as possible or a limited amount?


  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,133

    I would think that they will just use the lycon wax on your bikini line and normal strip wax on your legs. I can confirm that the lycon waxing isn't as painful as strip waxing but its not painfree either.

    I would probably get a full leg wax if you are going to go for it.

    5 days before the wedding should be fine, just be on high alert for ingrown hairs.

    For leg waxing I think they recommend around 2mm or something, but if you can bare it then I would let it grow as much as you can. For the bikini wax you will need to trim the hair.

    Hope that helps


  • Sapphire18Sapphire18 Posts: 72

    Thanks, how short should u trim ? And what do you do about ingrown hairs? 

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,133

    I would trim until the hairs are about 2cm long  but it doesn't need to be too scientific. Exfoliating can help prevent ingrown hairs and just check once the waxing is done that nothing looks red or sore


  • SarahL1408SarahL1408 Posts: 154

    I completely agree with Toad Bride.  I imagine they will only use the Lycon wax for bikini line waxing and strip wax for leg waxing and Lycon wax is definately no where near as painful.

    I agree that you may aswell go for the full leg wax.  Try not to worry about it.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised when you have it done.  


  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    I got an ingrown hair solution from feelunique.com you just put some on a cotton pad and wipe over the areas you've shaved/waxed twice a day afterwards and will prevent ingrown hairs! I used it while on holiday for two weeks and it was fab x 

  • I agree with full leg wax,becaue wedding time is the most important time in life,so you can do any sacrifice to it

  • Bonzo1984Bonzo1984 Posts: 74

    Take an ibuprofen about half an hour before you go helps with the pain.

    Go for a full leg, half an hour of gritting your teeth but then its done for the next four weeks or so.

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