Anyone know a good vintage bridal hair & make-up artist in Kent?

Im marrying next year and having a vintage theme, taking inspiration from the 1940's / 1950's. I have a 50's style tea length wedding dress, and want my hair and make-up to be in keeping with this theme so require a bridal hair and makeup artist with skills in styles from era's gone-by.

I'd preferably like someone who can do both hair and makeup so I don't have to search for two separate artists / companies!

I've scoured the web til my eyes go fuzzy but can't find anyone in Kent who specialises in vintage bridal hair and makeup. I wondered if anyone could help and personally recommend anyone in particular? Anyone in Kent, or willing to travel to Kent...

Its not just for myself, I have my mum, nan, sis, mum in law, sis in law, and niece all wanting their hair and make-up done too.

I did find a company in Essex but they're very expensive, and also want me to pay mileage on top of all the other costs. My family are complaining its all too expensive and pulling out of having their hair and makeup done. Or opting for just hair, or just makeup .

I'd like to find someone reasonably priced in Kent so the costs don't reach sky-high levels for everyone (although quality of service is most important).... Please help, this is becoming a major stress image


  • Hi there I'm an award winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Kent and have experience with vintage styling.  Please feel free to take a look at my website and contact me via the contact form if you would like to discuss further x

  • IShmooWedIShmooWed Posts: 142

    Try Sarah Rumsey who is fab and based in North Kent. 

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