Shocked by quotes I'm getting

Hi all, I'm at the stage in my planning where I'm trying to sort out someone to do my hair and make- up on my big day, a trial of both, and hair- up for one bridesmaid on the day.

I want someone local to York where I'm getting married to cut down travel expenses and the risk they'll get stuck in traffic and not make it!

I must admit I'm shocked by the prices I'm getting quoted- some as high as £375 for the above! It just seems like an obscene amount of money image

A few local salons have quoted me much more reasonable prices like £75/ 100 for hair on the day for both me and my BM and my trial, so would obviously need to book a separate make- up artist which would prob clock in at £100 judging by the suppliers I'm looking at, which sounds a bit more palatable.

Prob is all the local salons advised they don't specifically do 'wedding hair' just 'put ups'.

So, do I compromise on 'quality' or shell out for the extortionate options, but who have copious experience of doing bridal hair and make- up?

I don't want my hair to drop out or go flat half way through the day and I'm worried that's what will happen if I use the local salon image

I've searched and searched for suppliers in the area and seem to have exhausted my options. Would any else pay £300 approx. for their H and MU?! Just feels such a large outlay!


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    Agree the costs are ridiculously higher than I expected, I appreciate these are self employed skilled people out to make a living, but if this is the norm  I think I am possibly too tight to shell out the £500 I have been quoted for both the hair and makeup!! Instead I will end up doing my own!! Best of luck

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    I'm paying £280 for me and my bridesmaids (x4) make up on the day. Luckily one of my closest friends is a hairdresser so that's her wedding present to me!

    Most wedding hairdresser are also salon hairdressers so maybe do a trial at one of the salons and see how it goes? You might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Wow thats a crazy price? :/ I work in weddings and I was still shocked by that. what area are you in? x

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    Ive been having the same trouble, really high quotes but the girls ive found do seem reallllllly good. And do specialize in Bridal hair and makeup, rather than just someone who runs a salon and does everyday beauty treatments.

    The woman im thinking of going with is costing me about £320 for hair and makeup just for myself (includes trial and travel cost).

    i have found cheaper but i just dont seem to have the same confidence in them as i do with this lady. 

    Go with your gut feeling and who you have confidence in to make you look great on your wedding day.

  • I looked at several places in my area (which, granted is not the UK), but I was also appalled at pricing. I think the average was about $200 for both hair and make-up.  I opted to do the make-up aspect myself, which turned out great and I am glad I did it. I might even have considered doing my own hair, except for a major salon disaster I had shortly before my wedding (yes, a nightmare), so I was not confident in doing what was left of my sad hair.  I think my hair up-do cost me around $50 plus tip.  I was going to originally have it down, which I am pretty sure I could have styled myself, but due to the condition of it, I ended up having to put it up and I am NO good at styling my own hair up.

    If you or a family member or friend has any talent at either, I would recommend giving one or both a go on your own. It sounds like your pricing options are even more appalling than mine were, so it could be money well saved. At the end of the day, I did NOT love how my professionally-done hair turned out (she actually did a good job considering the circumstances), but I honestly did not give it one thought throughout the day.

    The hairdresser who ruined my that person I have given a lot of thought to!!

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    I am paying £90 for both hair and make up, which includes the trial, this is with my normal hairdresser as she does bridal hair and is also a make up artist.

    I have to say though that I dont feel personally that there is any difference between bridal hair and 'put ups', to me thats the same thing?? I dont think it means you need to compromise on quality and you could get issues with hair not staying put regardless of whether you pay £100 or £300. Have a look on facebook, see if you can get some reviews etc then have a trial in a salon and see how you get on.

  • Hi, I'm paying £220 for both trial and on the day make up. She travels to York,  her name is Victoria Farr. She has a Facebook page xx

  • Hi all, I am a make-up artist and charge £65 for a bride and £45 for bridesmaids and mothers of brides and groom etc. I am based in the North West and cover the whole area. If there are 4 or more extras on top of bride I am usually happy to negotiate a deal!

    My website is

    If anyone wants help or advice please drop me an email and I'll help where I can.


  • Hi all image

    I am a professional MAC freelance makeup artist and airbrush specialist! I am based in the north west and travel the UK image take a look at my pages below to see my work and for more info if you're still looking 

    If you need anything else feel free to send me a message anytime! Sophie xxx

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    Hi everyone, thank you so much for commenting and sharing. I thought I'd give you all an update on my progress with this situation.

    I found a makeup artist who would do trial and the wedding day for £110. I decided to go with one of the hair salons local to my venue and trial them at a cost of £20.

    I went for both trials this Fri just gone (13th) and boy, am I glad I did!!

    The makeup trial was a disaster- the woman was so awful and rude with me, it really upset me and made me feel very uncomfortable. In addition, the 3 looks she did on me were all awful- way too heavy and drag queen for me personally, never mind on my wedding day!!! Despite my showing her pics of the subtle look I wanted to achieve.

    I spent £50 to have the trial and now won't be persuing the booking. Frankly, it made me realise I'm happy just to do my own make- up on the day and look how I usually do, just maybe with the addition of a good concealer!!! I wear good quality make up anyway and generally do a fine job, so will stick with DIY.

    Luckily, the hair trial in the salon was a massive success! The girl doing my hair and who would come on the day was lovely, had it up in no time, and perfectly recreated the picture I showed her- result! Plus it still looked good 7 hours later when I took it out so lasted well. She is doing both my hair and my bridesmaid's hair at my venue on the day for £70, so £90 in total including my trial. Result!

    I think the lesson I've learned is a) the books and magazines are wrong- don't leave this element of your wedding planning to 3 months before your date, start on it sooner!!! b) trials are worth the money and time. I'd have been so upset if I'd booked that horrible makeup woman without a trial and she'd come and been like that with me on my wedding day and done that awful make up.

    FleurCouture- I'm getting married in York so was looking at people based in that area.

    MrsParkinson15 I did contact Victoria but she wasn't available on my wedding date.

  • Make up is a very personal thing and the thought of someone doing mine scares the life out of me! I'd rather do my own, save a load of money, and know that I'll actually look like me as I walk down the aisle!

  • Hi BeckaG,

    I am a make up artist who does bridal in London and the south west and I am so sorry to read you had an upsetting experience with the mua you had a trial with this upsets me you have experienced this as we work hard and for years know how important it is for a bride to look like herself and feel comfortable in her own skin on her special day, did you give her feedback? I would definitely give her feedback as heavy makeup is not required for weddings.

    I wish I had seen this sooner as I could have recommended someone for you. Victoria Farr would have been one of my 1st recommendations and a company called Beauty Call who have some lovely artists on their books specifically for weddings.

    Hope you have a fab day and you look and feel as you want to for your special day x




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