Hairdresser/Make-up artists around Cotswolds


I'm having trouble finding a make-up artist for my day that I can justify the cost of. All of the ones I've looked at so far seem to be asking for £250+ for trial and on-the-day make-up, but have the requirement that at least another 2/3 additional people in the bridal party have their makeup done too. 

I suffer from (very) sensitive skin and need very specific products which I'll probably be supplying myself after doing a trial run wearing them for a whole day.

Asides from getting a b.maid trained up to "do" my face, does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonable make-up artist (could also do hair) in the Gloucester/Cotswolds area?

Thanks brides!


  • Beth90Beth90 Posts: 284

    I'm gettjng married in kingscote barn in May, and have my trial with jordan smith soon. She's reasonably priced and I like the look of her work on her website. Can't recommend her 100% yet as not yet had a trial but she hasnt stated any requirements (e.g everyone needs to have make up done), she's based in Bristol but willing to travel.


  • JJxxJJxx Posts: 2

    Have you tried Abi Andrews hair and make up. She has a salon in Tetbury but will travel to your venue for a £40 fee. 

  • Louise24Louise24 Posts: 117

    Thanks for the recommendations- will explore them both further.

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