How long would my hair need to be for an up-do like this one (pics included)


I would absolutely love my hair to be like the photo below for my wedding, but i'm super worried my hair won't be long enough to do it!

Any ideas as to how long my hair would have to be to pull this off?





  • hf1989hf1989 Posts: 416

    That's gorgeous hair! Not sure how long, but if it's not long enough the hairdresser should be able to put a hair piece in. Not very useful, I know!

  • When I had my hair trial, my hair dresser brought along extra hair so that I could have an updo with more hair in it. It looks amazing! I'd suggest talking to your hairdresser and seeing what she suggests.

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    its quite a difficult one to judge, I'd say possibly shoulder length just to ensure it says in as it's quite a loose style so needs the length to tie all the ends in.  I agree that extra hair could be added to give more volume and oomph it up a bit (I had loads of clip in extentions to boost my updo).  How long is your hair just now and how long til your wedding? 

  • Thanks gals. i never thought about having extra hair added! At the moment my hair is JUST at my shoulder blades and I have until November 2016 to grow it! 

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