Manchester (Worsley) Hair &/Or MUA Recommendations?

Recently moved back into the area after being away a few years and I have 3 months till the wedding, My h2b trims my hair (he's a barber) but as my hair is just long, no style to it or shape, just long, to the small of my back and quite thick, it's naturally straight so no products or anything go on it as a par for the course, as a result it needs a TON of product to keep it in any updo or curls or whatnot, 

I need a hair stylist for the wedding, I'm thinking big hair but updo and a bit jazzy and i literally have no idea where to start but i know i need to get on it sharpish! Any recommendations? It sounds silly but i need someone who's used to working with long thick straight hair, I've paid a fortune to have my hair done up before and its slid out after a few hours and i really don't want that to happen on my wedding day! My Sisters hair is longer and thicker than mine and she will be having hers done too! 

Also any MUA's, i love doing my own face but i feel like i should have a pro do it for the one special day!

I don't mind travelling to the salon, its probably preferable as we are having the reception at home so getting out for a couple of hours might be nice! 

Thank you Ladies! image

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