DIY Make-up

Hello all you lovely brides-to-be,

I hope your wedding plans are going well.

I am a presenter for Younique and we sell high quality make-up that will get you that perfect look on your big day. You may have seen our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara but that isn't the only products we offer. Everything from primer and moisturiser to the finishing touches with bronzer and lip stains that are kiss-proof, smudge-proof and champagne sipping-proof (just what you need on the big day).

We also offer online parties which are a great way to grab some of the make-up you need/want for free (or half price) and gives your bridal party and guests the chance to pick up their own.

Take a look and with a 14 days money back guarantee, if you don't love it then send it back for a full refund image

Please feel free to ask me any questions either on this thread, as a private message or check out my Facebook Page

Good luck with this exciting time in your lives.

Chammy xx


  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    If anyone would like to check out a party, I have my own live at the moment so you can see what happens etc image

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Me again image

    I've just started a Pinterest board for Younique wedding ideas, I'll be adding looks as often as I can.

  • Hi Chammy, 

    I've just popped here to say thank you. I ordered one of those mascaras from your link last week and it came yesterday and it is fantastic. My lashes look amazing!!

    I will deffo be using this on my big day, I've also told all my bridesmaids and friends to get one ordered.

    Thank you



  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Hey Wife2B2017,

    Thank you for using my link and I'm so glad you like the mascara, it really is fantastic. If you have any questions about it or any other products then please feel free to ask (here or on my Facebook page).

    Good luck with the rest of your planning

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Just checking in to see how you are getting on with your mascara Wife2B2017?

    My sister finally set her date the other week and I have the fun task for trying to convince her that I don't want a MUA to do my make-up as I want to do it myself. Though I am thinking of taking a couple of courses and offering to do hers for herimage

    She's been looking at how our products cover tattoos as she has a fair few on her back she wants hiding for the day.

  • Hi Chammy,

    I'm seriously loving it, a few people have asked me if I've had infillsimage My friends and I are definitely thinking of having a pre-wedding party to get all our make up sorted so will drop you a message nearer the time.

    I saw your other post about tattoo cover up, it looks amazing but i don't have any that will be visable.

    Training to apply make up sounds like a great plan to go alongside, good luck with that.

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Thought I'd do a little update as last night it was announced that our amazing mascara is just getting better.

    From the 15th July customers can purchase the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara+. Whole new formula, wand and packaging for the same price. One coat has the same effect as 3 of our original mascara.

    New presenters will get 2 of them in their kit (costs £69 for £202's worth of products) until the 1 millionth mascara has sold, if you'd be interested in being a Presenter or just "kit knapping" (buying the kit with no intention of selling anything) then drop me a message and you'll get the mascaras before it is launched, along with all the other goodies image



  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    cool!!! 3D!

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538
    Samantha86 wrote (see post):

    cool!!! 3D!



    I got mine today, had a very quick play with it and it is fantastic. Already had one customer order one for her wedding (and a few other bits). Such a great alternative to false lashes :D

  • Hello beautiful brides,

    Thought I'd put an update here as we launched a whole load of new products at the beginning of September. We now have liquid foundation, concealer, eye brow gels and liners, lipstick and 3 eyeshadow pallets.

    Nothing but rave reviews for it all. So if you wanna DIY it for your big day then take a look :D 

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    I have a fantastic video of our new foundation at work - check out how well it covers this tattoo :D

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Just thought I'd pop back again as I have now tried our foundation myself and I LOVE the coverage. Here is a before and after application photo, I think it has covered beautifully and that is without using the matching concealer (which would have helped with a little extra coverage for my problem areas)


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