Tattoo cover-up

Looking to cover up your tattoos for your big day? Younique can help you achieve that for £117 inc p&p

Layering their primer, cream foundation, power foundation and BB cream can give you amazing cover that will last for your big day; and won't leave your skin feeling caked or unable to breath.

Feel free to ask me any questions or pop over to our page to take a look

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  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538


     Just as an example to anyone interested image

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538


     Brilliant results, this back piece is covered amazingly (click the image for a better look) image

  • Hello beautiful brides,

    Thought I'd put an update here for our tattoo coverage; it just got better! We now sell a liquid foundation and concealer that do the same job as our older products for half the cost, £53!!


    Feel free to ask me any questions

  • JD 2JD 2 Posts: 12

    Wow those results really do speak for themselves. Looks like a good product, good luck to you!

  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538

    Thank you JD, it is a brilliant product.

    Here is a brilliant video of our foundation in action

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