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I am lucky to have quite straight teeth, but the one next to top front tooth isnt, slowly it has receeded and almost tucked itself behind my big tooth. It really bugs me as in some photos I look like "Fagan" with no tooth and obviously I want to look my best for the big day. I went to my dentist and asked her what she could do, she said the best thing would be a veneer that is like a false nail put over my tooth and will make the rest look perfect. It will cost approx £250 and I would have to had it done a while before the wedding to make sure I'm happy with it. Well its 3months till the wedding and I cant decide what to do. she freaked me out with the "if your not happy with it". I should mention i have a dentist phobia, its not the pain its the being stuck in a chair, the smells everything I just hate it.

Has anyone had a one does it hurt, whats involved and does it feel like it could fall off? I have visions of it coming off the night before the wedding!


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    I've not had veneers but I had a friend who had a full set before her wedding. They gave her no end of trouble, I remember one meal where she went home crying because one of them came loose while she was eating a pizza. It definitely put me off.

    Having said that, I'm sure there are heaps of people who have them done and don't have those problems. To be honest, she was a bit of a drama queen; if anyone was going to have issues it would be her..... (mean, but true).

    The only person who can decide is you, because only you know which is worse - your tooth or the fear. Perhaps talk to your friends/partner about it. Chances are you are the only one that notices it.

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    Oh I meant to add, on a separate issue - you really need to sort your dentist phobia anyway. You're bound to need work at some point and avoidance isn't a good idea.

    Have you talked to your dentist about the phobia? Nowadays they are pretty sympathetic and have all sorts of treatments for it, from mild sedation to hypnosis.

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    To be honest I am in denile I dont tell people I hate the dentist but I told my dentist last time i had a filling and she was nice she said relax, if you need anything just raise your hand and she turned up the radio so I could focus on that. It was fine a little sore but alot better than i remember;much quicker too. I had nail marks on my hand and was shaking for hours after. The thought of going back freaks me though even though it was fine, so I think that is a phobia I may need help.
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    Have a look at Beyond Fear. They are a help group with a link from the British Dental Health Foundation.

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    Hi Bridey.

    I can totally sympathise with you. At least you go to dentist and are dealing with it. I put off going for a few years due to my phobia and now have to have loads of work done including extractions and a tooth replaced (i'm having the extractions at the hospital in September and I'm soooo scared!) I had some fillings done under sedation a little while ago and I strongly recommend it. I came away thinking 'what was I getting myself in such a state for' (bearing in mind I was in tears before they gave me the sedation) It totally relaxed me and nothing hurt at all. They'd also given me injections in my mouth but I didn't feel that at all. I was fully awake and remember the music being played and the nurse holding my hand but I don't remember the noise of the drill or my mouth being pulled about or anything. Afterwards I just felt quite drunk, a bit light headed and tired but nothing more.

    The hospital wanted to extract my teeth with just injections as anestetic but I said I wanted a sedation again as don't think i'd deal with it at all well otherwise, they said that was fine.

    I say if it would make you feel more confident about your smile then go for it - i'd def have veneers is I could afford it. Just explain to your dentist your fears and perhaps ask about sedation - I was scared to talk to my dentist for fear of them thinking I was silly or being appaled at the state of my teeth but they were really nice. It's their job to make you feel comfortable and happy.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on x
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    I've had veneers on my front teath for about 10 years now. What they do is take off the enamel and replace it with a porcilain cap, thuis can be built up to give an even finish. They look fantastic and I'm very glad I had them done. However, if you are going to get them done for you wedding it needs to be sooner rather than later. The whole process takes at least 2 weeks as you have the enamel stripped. Then they take a cast and the overlay has to be made to fit, which takes a couple of weeks. My 1st set went on and stuck and I had no problems for 10 years. Then 1 cracked and broke off. The replacement had to be reapplied 7 times before it finally stuck. It came off on crusty bread, which I probably shouldn't have been eating so soon, but also a prawn cracker, dentist couldn't believe that either!

    However, since then its been fine. Just be aware they don't last forever!

    I don't remember the process being painful, but they do need to numb the area. Good luck what ever you decide
  • Hi Bridey

    I'm a dentist and will try to answer some of your questions. Firstly a porcelain veneer is where your dentist will numb the area and shave off a fraction of the outside facing of the tooth, she will then take some impressions and that will be sent off to a lab. It will normally take around 2 weeks for a thin porcelain facing to come back which acts like (and looks like) a fake nail. This is then literally stuck over your natural tooth.

    It doesn't hurt and as for the success- that will depend on case selection- I'm sure your dentist will have looked at the way you bite together and that will determine how long it will last for- if you have a good, predictable bite then it will last a long time.


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    Thanks *Katie* I will have a good read of that site asap.

    I try to go at least once a year and I think in my head well if they want to do some work i just wont go back, but then h2b makes me! It really all started when I had to have a tooth out at 18, it was the most terrible thing that every happened. It was aching all weekend so got emergency appointment, he injected it and started pulling so hard I felt he had dislocated my jaw (I now can get lock jaw!). It wasnt working so he drilled it down the middle then the other way like a cross then stuck a chisel in the top and banged on the top, it split into 4 pieces which he then painfully extracted 1 by 1! There was so much blood and I was in a bad way for days. I didnt go back for 2 years and changed my dentist. The next tooth i had out was under sedation and it was brillent, h2b would disagree, he was out side and all he cud hear was screaming, crying and telling them to get off. I cant rememebr a thing and it wore off quickly, helped by an afternoon vegging in front of tv. To be honest as I said its just the being stuck in the chair, also when I had a filling a few months ago they gave me an injection, as soon as she did it I got heart palpitations and felt sicky is that normal?
  • Bridey, sometimes because of the way a tooth is, it's alot easier to cut a tooth up into smaller pieces,and take it out one by one. i frequently do this and find it kinder to the patient than yanking at the tooth for ages.

    And if an anesthetic is accidentally injected into a vessel ( v easy to do and not uncommon), then the adrenaline in the anaesthetic will make you have palpitations and feel 'panicky'.
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    I know it wasnt his fault and basically had no choice, i was about to walk out i was so fed up! it did put me off though as it was gory. That past time I had my tooth out, when i was coming round the dentist was saying it was a tough tooth so I must have strong roots or somthing. Has anyone had a panic attack on you, thrown up and things i feel like doing ladyinwhite?
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