Tanning Mistake

So, I know better, really, but I made a tanning bed mistake beginners would make. I haven't tanned in about 2 years (I know it isn't good for me), but I decided to go just for the two weeks before the big day, not so much to look "tan" in my wedding dress (because I actually don't like the look of "tan" with ivory), but because I wanted to get a base layer of color on me before the minimoon. I didn't want to burn on our getaway. The first week went great, laying in the bed only a few minutes each day. Yesterday, the salon girl upped the number of minutes, obviously too much. I burned my belly and lower breast area. My dress is strapless, but you would just slightly be able to see the redness. It's also (obviously) painful, especially with a bra on. 

I'm going to pick up some Aloe after work - but I'm not sure what kind. It comes in so many different formulations and types. Any suggestions? I'm sure the redness will be all gone by next Wednesday and I obviously won't tan again either until the redness is all gone or not at all.


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    Vaseline do an aloe vera gel which is very good as its cooling, but any aftersun would do the job to be honest. I wouldnt be using the sunbed at all if I were you as youve already burnt so it will just go red again.

  • RC15RC15 Posts: 235

    Liz Earle do a great after sun x

  • KatspupsKatspups Posts: 519

    Yes, unless by some chance I am completely un-red by Sunday, I won't go going back before Wednesday. It was weird because I usually don't turn red, ever really. I tan easily. Going to get the aftersun product after work, which is also when I go to pick up my dress image

  • RC15RC15 Posts: 235

    Oh my god so exciting that you're picking up your dress!!! Xxx

  • KatspupsKatspups Posts: 519

    Yes, I'm so excitedimage! Thank goodness it's a strapless that does not require wearing a bra, because those are a bit painful to wear right now. By Wednesday, I will be fine regardless, just looking for some pain & redness relief in the interim image

  • MrsWPtobeMrsWPtobe Posts: 435

    Anything by nivea katspups, the original nivea cream is so thick it really moisturises so hopefully your burn will ease and no peeling! I'm so pale naturally I darent use a sunbed I'm the type to burn off the glare of a strong lightbulb! But I've always used nivea if I've caught the sun by accident!

    Oooooh exciting dress times! Fingers crossed for you! 

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