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hi guys,

I have little over a year to my wedding ( already been engaged a year so getting excited now) so while I have booked a lot of major elements of the wedding but lately I have been stressing about the smaller elements, such as make up and hair.  A year still seams so far away yet some of the stories on hear have made me terrified of missing out on my number one choices by not being organised. Anyways to stop myself from worrying I have started looking for a MUA and getting quotes, I have found some really amazing people but my new worry is that i book someone and come the trial 8 weeks or so before the wedding I just don't like what they do and then I am stuck with no time to find a new MUA. 

Anyway i I discussed with mom and she told me to have a trial now to stop myself worrying but from what I can tell that just isn't the done thing.

does anyone have any advice or past experinces they could share, even recomendations for MUA's in Cheltenham/glos/midlands area?


  • MrsH12MrsH12 Posts: 516 New bride

    Hi I was in the same situation as you. I get married August 12th next year.

    I also heard stories of people not getting their 1st choice and I ended up being one of them image
    The girl i've booked does trials 6-4 weeks before the wedding but I am paying to have a pre-trail trail on the 17th June this year just to put my mind at rest. 

    This is the girl I am using She is called Clare and has been great so far 

    I'm sure if you asked for a pre-trail with the person you book they wouldn't say no unless they did not have the time to do one which i would think to be unlikely.

    sorry for a long reply. Hope it's of some use x 

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