Did you have your trial before booking mua or will you have it later?

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I've just found out how quickly MUAs book up and got a bit of a fright haha. I have a girl in mind and she's highly recommended in my area, works for MAC and also has her own shop. I've also seen lots of photos on her Facebook so I can see that she is good. I don't get married until March and don't see the point in getting a trial for nothing (£45) but will be getting one nearer to the time.

I just don't know if it's a bit risky booking her up before I get a trial. What did you all do?


  • Does booking the trial secure your wedding date? It does when brides book with me even if they don't have the trial for a while. Also I offer trial parties where you can bring a few friends to join in the fun, drink bubbly try on make up and accessories while brides have there trial. This can be something really fun to do to get the wedding festivities really started. Then nearer the time it can be fun to have a second trial party before the hen.

    Less risk in booking something fun I feel.

    Becky xxx




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    I had checked the dates & provisionally booked (no deposit had been paid) then i got my hair & make up done for my birthday night out, do you have any special events coming up or even just tell hubby to be he's taking you out somewhere nice image

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    See she needs a deposit to secure the date. I have my birthday coming up but I just feel like it's quite far before the wedding to be getting a trial as I haven't really thought of exactly what I want, this is the issue. Hmmm I might just bite the bullet and book her.

    thanks guys image

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    You should still get a feel for the person & if you like the way they do the make up even if its not your bridal look, Good Luck! 

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    I had to book a make up trial to secure my wedding date, then went for the trial pretty sharpish to check I liked her and her work. Glad I did because she was horrible and the make up she did on me was horrendous. I decided to just do my own make up after that but had I still wanted someone pro to do it I would then have had time to find and trial someone else before my wedding day.

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